Thursday, February 25, 2010

Public Speaking is Tough for Actresses?

Yesterday, I wrote about Dakota Fanning and mentioned her friend and costar Kristin Stewart. The only fair thing to do is to write about Miss Stewart for today.

In an article by OK Magazine, it claims that Kristin is getting better at public speaking. It mentions that while on-air in live performances Kristin consistently scratches her head, plays with her hair, hunches over or (and sometimes simultaneously) rocks back and forth; all strong signals she is really nervous. You would think being the star of Twilight movies and being in the limelight constantly would have changed that, but if you think about it it may have made it worse. However, OK says that her BAFTA speech was better than her MTV speech where she dropped her award. The online article also shows videos of Kristin's guest spots on talk shows and the two award speeches.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dakota Turns 16 and Acts Grown Up

So, what did you guys think about Nikkole? She was very soft spoken and seemed very sad and immature and weak, like a door-mat for a good portion but I'm glad she finally grew a backbone. And I'm also glad to see her taking responsibility with son Lyle. Your guys' opinions?

So, according to Twinkle [title linked], a branch of Star Magazine, Dakota Fanning turns 16 soon and she had an early birthday celebration with little sister Elle along with 40 other party-goers. She had a three layer cake that included chocolate mousse and dinner was held at the Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. She told paps on her way out that she is not desperate to get her license unlike most 16 year-olds becasue she never got and doesn't even have her permit. Dakota is the relatively new star of "Twilight: New Moon" where she plays evil vampire Jane and the most recent is project is drug abusing, lesbian Cherie Currie in "The Runaways" where she has a kissing scene with Kristen Stewart (also of Twilight fame, she plays Bella) who is portraying Joan Jett. Read the article on taking a grown-up role here in this Star article.

Also, another interesting note is the fact that Kim Kardashian of the infamous Kardashian sisters from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" asks Dr.Oz about the reasoning behind why father Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson's attorney, died. She asks him questions about esopheagilical cancer on a special edition episode of Dr.Oz's show "Ask Dr.Oz." Read the blurb here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lindsay Coming Clean?

In an article by US Weekly (title-linked), Lindsay Lohan talks to the press. She talks to the magazine about her use of drugs, specifically cocaine. Lindsay blames father, Michael Lohan a former drug addict for her curiousity and use. The public is not unawares of this use. Police found the star in possesion when she was arrested for DUIs in 2007. She went to rehab three times for the problem. She says that she really hit rock bottom and started abusing all the mind altering substance once her father started speaking out to the public.

Lohan Takes It Personal

So, before I begin today's topic, let me start by saying don't forget to watch episode #2 of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" airing tonight at 10PM/9C. Tonight we focus on a young girl, Nikkole, whose boyfriend and mother fight while she's in labor. According to the sneak peek here, it looks like even boyfriend's mama takes the pregnant teen's mother's side. Come join me to watch and discuss on LIVE video chat on Skype at peispennythoughts. If you don't have Skype its a quick download here and if you don't have a camera or microphone thats fine, you can still see and hear me as long as you have speakers.

Ok, today's topic is the fact that when starlet Lindsay Lohan was complimented by a young fan of her work in "The Parent Trap", a movie Lindsay did when she was 11. When she recieved this compliment, according to, Lindsay had a break down. After recieving the compliment, Lindsay went sobbing into the arms of a handler. Also, while at the club she smoked and drank and asked for the cabana curtains to be closed because there was too much paparazzi. She even dissed the DJ saying that ex Samantha Ronson was better. Check the story out here.

Later on there will be a Monday topic, but no Sunday topic.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexis ends up with baddies

So because you guys are so good with keeping up with my shenanigans, I've decided to do a quick bonus one before I trot off to the bf's. Also, so i can make a video with my new title page!

So, according to when Alexis Bledel, most known for her role as Rory Gilmore in the hit, but no longer airing, show Gilmore Girls on CW network, talked to PopEater, she said she usually ends up falling for or dating those who are considered nice boys. When asked if she ever fell for bad boys, like Rory, she answered not if she's aware they are bad boys so that is one thing the actress and the character did not have in common.

"Family Guy" Actress Takes Down Palin!

Well I have not been able to watch the recent episode of "Family Guy", I have heard that former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol were not pleased with the how people with Down Syndrome were portrayed. They took the media to public speak out and calling creater Seth MacFarlan cruel and heartless. Its a good thing she hasn't seen "Robot Chicken" then. Little did she know that the actress who voice the characer of 'Ellen' who had Down Syndrome actually had down syndrome herself. She writes in an email message that essentially Palin needs to have sense of humor, and that she can't shelter son Trig who also has Down Syndrome. You can take a look at her response at Perez Hilton's gossip blog which is title-linked.

For today's (Sat 2/21) topic I am writing about how Kardashian Baby-Daddy Scott Disick claims that all he hears is anger in the Kardashian household.  On a Thursday radio call with Ryan Seacrest, Disick retaliated a recent tabloid story. He refuted the cover story which was that he and Kourtney and her family and him have a fiery relationship. He says that its simply that their mother, Kris Jenner just despises him. Whenever he hears Kris' voice, all he hears is anger. He claims that he thinks Kourtney and himself still love each other a little bit, enough so that they will get back together again. He says they are already getting along better right now. He says the tension is because Kris just prefers athletes more because she thinks they make better people. He also claims to love the baby son he has with Kourteny, Mason. The entire story can be read here at Yahoo OMG in conjunction with US Magazine.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Season, New Look?

I found this article with the help via Tweet of Perez Hilton of This article can by found in NY Mag. The exact article has been title-linked. According the magazine, Tyra Banks told WWD magazine that she has taken her style down a little bit for the new season of "America's Next Top Model" which airs on CW. The show is set to return March 8th at 8PM (EST). The new judge who takes Twiggy's seat is Andre DeLeon. After the Blonds fashion show, Mr.Jay Manuel confirms this more low-key look. He also goes on to explain what Tyra meant by "toned down". While she will still have her fabolous make-up and clothing her hair will not be sporting any weaves this season. Mr.Jay calls it a more French-sophisticated look rather than her her very Tyra-fied self.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jon and Kate Back(With Eight?)

Now before we get to the reason you're here, lets get to the real truthfeul reason. To breifly dicuss the first pregnant teen, now mother, of MTV's "16 and Pregnant". The second season kicked off last night at 10PM/9C on MTV with the story of Jenelle, a 16 year old from North Carolina. She seemed okay at first, seemed to be smart but hey, I should have seen the signs. Her boyfriend is an alcoholic, was once a model but is now flat broke and lives 4 hours away. You can watch the latest episode here plus bonus material. seems to be sooo sloow and lacking today. Ah, something from the New York Post. Title-linked, of course. Accoriding to the Post, Jon Goesselin has settled a lawsuit with TV Channel TLC (Tender Loving Care) which then leaves the air clear for a [triumphant?] return to cable TV. Both RadarOnline and TLC confirm to the Post that the Gosselins have and have had a contract with the station. It appears that Kate and Jon are working things out so that "Kate Plus 8" can go on as planned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the Gossip Spirit

Since tonight is the premiere of MTV's second season of "16 and Pregnant" [ join me on Skype at peispennythoughts tonight at 10pM/9PMC to chat about what we see] I've decided to do a very gossip-y random post about the the "8 Types of People that Belong on Twitter" which was an article tweeted by none other than Mr. Perez Hilton of Also, since I didn't do an article yesterday, I shall do a second one today. I didn't do one yesterday because it was a national holiday here in America (President's Day) and so I had no school and therefore was at my boyfriends. I'm not sure on my second articles topic just yet. So I will get started with the type of twitterers.

This list is composed by (title linked) and tweeted by Perez Hilton:
  • Type number one is that of "The Personality". According to these are people like celebs (they reference Perez and Oprah amongst a few others) as well as the big shots of big name brands (they suggest the CEO of These are people who have distinctive "voice" and they're tweets are always meaningful in some way or another.
  • Type number two is that of "The Guide". These are people whose specific role is to search out other tweets in the purpose of finding answers to certain questions. They reference a Blackberry-related company that troubleshoots blackberrys.
  • Type number three is "The Brand Watch-Dog". These are people who work for a specific company and then are on the look-out for questions about their company or a product the company provides. Once one of these wondering tweets are spotted by the watch-dog, he or she responds personally to each tweet.
  • Type number four is very similar to that of the watch-dog but is in fact quite different. This is "The Customer Support Rep". These are people who are answering questions in other sites, and use Twitter as a another way of reaching the customer. Often thes people are just regular people who have resolved issues on their own.
  • Type number five is that of "The Publisher". These are people who use Twitter to give the public an idea of their company or news stories. Often new stories are published first on Twitter before hitting major magazines, newspapers and other media.
  • Type number six is that of "The Promotion Channel". As the name clearly indicates, these are Twittereers who use their Twitter for promoting items and such. But besides from the commerece (Amazon is the chosen subject) spammers can run promotion channels too so be careful.
  • Type number seven is that of "The Conversationalist". This person is someone who responds personally to direct Tweets, or Tweets in general. They build loyalty and friendship with their followers and are an active member of the Twitter community.
  • And last but not least is that of type nu,ber eight; that of "The Curious". I actually happen to fall under this category. We are people who don't post often but are members in order to spot out new information about brands, or celebs or news.
Topic number two is.....that of the recent engagement of two fairly known celebs. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have gotten engaged according to this article in US Weekly. Monday night Madden Tweeted about the engagement. I browsed but could not find the specific Tweet. On "The Late Show with David Letterman" set to air Friday, Richie confirms the engagement. Letterman asks if they are married to which she replies 'no', so he asks if they are engaged to which she replies 'recently actually' according to the magazine. Richie's father is the infamous Lionel Richie and Madden is from a rock band that was a hit when I was back in high school- Good Charlotte. Ritchie and Madden have two kids together, Harlow (2 years) and Sparrow aka Row (5 months) together. However, when Ritchie appeared on Regis and Kelly she was not wearing a ring and did not talk about the engagement but she has been seen with a large stone.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Most Kissable-TV Stars

With Valentines Day just a day away, I have decided to do an "article" on the most kissable (both male and female) of TV with the help of Yahoo TV. Yahoo's blurbs under the pictures of the stars is title linked. What I will do with each star is a quick bio and a link to  their IMDB pages and any charities they may be big parts of.

Ian Somerhalder: He plays a vampire on "Vampire Diaries" which airs on the CW.  He started his acting carrer in 1997 and is son to a massage therapist and a building contractor.

Rashida Jones: One of the members of the "Parks and Recreation" show on NBC, who first appeared on "The Office". She started acting in 1997.

Josh Holloway: He is the most know for his role as Sawyer on ABC's hit show "Lost" which just had its final season premiere.  He started acting in 1999 but was in the public as a model before then.

 Leighton Meester: First broke out big into the acting sign with the CW's hit "Gossip Girl".  She really was on the scene before then in 1999 in an episode of "Law and Order".

Simon Baker: He is the star of the hit show on "The Mentalist" on CBS. Simon first appeared on the scene in 1987.

Lea Michele: She plays superstar-wannabe Rachel on Fox's wildly popular musical TV show "Glee". Michele has amazing pipes and first appeared in the acting world in 1998 as an obscure background vocal.

Matt Bomer: He is the star of the new show "White Collar" on USA Network which is about a criminal lessening his sentence by helping law enforcement catch other criminals. Bomer first appeared on the scene in 2000 on an episode of "All My Children" as Ian Kipling.

Sofia Vergara: She is on the show "Modern Family" which airs on ABC. She hails from Columbia where she made her acting debut in 1995 on a Spanish TV series.

LL Cool J: Currently LL is on the show "NCIS: Las Angeles" which airs on CBS right after "NCIS" but LL has been a star way before TV. He is most notably known for his rap/hip-hop career. He first appeared as an actor back in 1986 as a rapper in a little known movie.

Christina Hendricks: She appears on the popular AMC show "Mad Men". She broke onto the scene in 1999 in a little known TV movie. She also appeared in "Firefly" but her name was never given in the credits.

Joshua Jackson: He appears on the hit show "Fringe" which airs on Fox right after "Bones" (which is my favorite show of all time btw).  He first appeared on the scene 1991.

Sarah Silverman: She is the star of "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central. She is most known for her relationship with Jimmy Kimmel and their split (or not-its still unclear) but she started acting in 1993 on "SNL".

Taylor Kitsch: He is the rough and ruggend, good-hearted (mostly) teen on "Friday Night Lights" on NBC. He started his acting on TV in 1996 on an episode of a little known show.

Alyson Hannigan: She plays the wicked funny Lily on NBC's "How I Met Your Mother".  She started her carrer in 1986 on a little known film.

Andy Whitfield: He is an actor in the TV series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" which is a show I have NEVER heard of but I guess it exists. This show airs on Starz. He started his career in 2004 on an episode of "All Saints".

Kara DioGuardi: She is best known as the "American Idol" judge who came in last season. She has never been an actress or been on TV until last season but she has had her voice on a lot of TV soundtracks.

Andy Samberg: He is a star of "SNL" on NBC.  HE first started his TV career in 2001 on a little known TV movie.

Stana Katic: She is on another show I've never heard of called "Castle" which airs on ABC. She first appeared on the acting scene in 1999 on a little known film.

Gordon Ramsay:  He is most know for being the devil on Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" but is also on "Kitchen Nightmares" which is also on Fox. Ramsay first broke into the acting business in 1999.

Busy Phillips: She is on the show "Cougar Town" which airs on ABC. She first started her acting career in 1999.

So there it is folks, TV's 21 most kissable. There are quite a few stars who I'm surprised didn't make the list, such as David Boreanaz (Booth from "Bones") or Heidi Klum from "Project Runway".

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ellen Judged by AI Alumni and Home Makeover's 100th House

Currently I am watching " Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on CMT"  and its there 100th episode. They are helping a family of nine, soon to be 10 people but I just feel so sorry for the 13 year old nice of the mom. First she's in the truck with her dad when he crashes and dies. Then no longer than a year later her mom's ex-boyfriend shoots her mother and her mother's new boyfriend while she's asleep on the floor next to her moms bed. She now speaks with her aunt who took her and her 3 siblings in (while having 4 of her own) about and against domestic violence. You can too.

A few days ago comedy star/tv talkshow Ellen Degeneres joined the American Idol ranks as a judge. Ellen takes the place of Paula. US Magazine asks American Idol alumni what they think of her tactic. She gets nothing but rave reviews, as is to be expected. The article is linked in the title.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two deaths and a close call

To start off, what did you guys think of the unseen moments special? Some of that was really sweet! Are you guys excited to watch the premiere of the new season of "16 and pregnant" which happens TUESDAY!! If so, come join me on Skype at peispennythoughts to watch and discuss during commercials!

OK, so I didn't do any item yesterday (Wednesday 2/10/10) because my college got closed during my first class and since the roads weren't awful yet, I went over to my boyfriends. But because I shorted you lovely people, I'm doing two topics (one for today, one for yesterday) and a BONUS story!!!

I guess I'll start with the earliest item. This is title-linked. On Tuesday  night, Captain Phil Harris of the wildly popular Discovery Channel reality show "Deadliest Catch" passed away. MSN reports that the Captain was 53. According to family, Harris suffered a "massive stroke" on January 29th while the fishing boat was harbored in the bay. He was then sent to Anchorage for immediate surgery. The worst part about this death is that in the past few weeks, Harris seemed to be turning around. On a posting made last Saturday night, he was said to be talking to friends and family and making the most progress thus far. And then, on Feb 3, his sons wrote that their dad was making tremendous progress, squeezing their hands and such but that they were being cautious. Apparently, not that much later, the captain passed.

To continue with the sadness and mourning I bring you the news of the death of British "rebel" designer Alexander McQueen. This news is brought to you by Yahoo in conjuntion with AFP. McQueen was found dead at his London home according to the article. This death appears to have been a suicide. McQueen was 40 and found hanging. Scotland Yard is not treating this case as suspicious. If one wanted to check out his designs at his website, they are greeted by a message of grief and concern for the family's privacy. The designer was a four time winner of a prestigous fashion award, was partner with Gucci on one line and widely praised by other designers. Even when they didn't know it. Or so they say. One of the few reasons most people in America know McQueen is from Project Runway Season 5 when designer Kenley designed a feather dress very very similar to McQueen's feather wedding dress that was seen in his Spring 2008 show. This comes 3 years after McQueens close friend and fashion icon Isabella Blow comitted sucide and just a short week following the death of his mother.

Following up on the sad, but not quite so depressing is news of Alec Baldwin. Little brother Stephen appeared on Season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice, but Alec is by far the most successful of the two acting brothers. Alec is the star of hit tv show "30 Rock" as an egotistical executive of a TV show and the star of the new movie "It's Complicated". Alec was rushed to a hospital after police got a call from daugher Ireland saying she was worried about his health and safety according to Yahoo in conjuntion with Reuters. The celeb was taken by paramedics to a hospital near to his Manhatten home early Thursday where he was released a short hour later. Alec has been in the news before, but that was to apologize about a drunken call he'd made to daugher Ireland where he called her some nasty things and that had been sent to broadcasting. He and ex-wife have been in a custody battle for Ireland. This was just a misunderstanding and the star was allowed to leave shortly after being taken to the hospital and go to work. Alec is set to co-host the 82nd Academy Awards alongside Steve Martin.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Side You Don't Know

Since tonight marks the episode of "Teen Mom: Unseen Moments" I decided to do a little research on hot media item Debra Danielson and Farrah Abraham. Not about the case mind you, thats not due for an update til the end of the month, but on them as people and I see conflicting ideas. I came across a blog where in Feb of '09 Farrah and her mom helped out homeless pregnant women by holding a baby shower. Farrah was due two weeks after the event. MTV cameras were indeed there according to the blog, and the show hadn't yet been named. The blog of Lydia House (the orginization) is linked by the title.

Mother works two jobs at the same company. This is shown by Linkd and her resume. Thats how come they've got a nice house. She's been working both deparments the same amount of time.

Rats and Lohans

Hey all. Sorry for not posting yesterday or sunday, so you guys get a double post today. In Australia and London a TV broadcaster is getting fined for "animal cruelty". Here's what happened according to a news article from Reuters (title linked). Italian Chef Gina D'Acampo killed and then cooked a rat on the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity....Get Me Out of Here!". The rat was stabbed with a knife before being cooked. According to reports, the rat took 1 minute to die which caused 'unnecessary pain and suffering' to the rat. Now, to us here in the US who are used to food challenges, or have worked in labs that have animal specimens this doesn't seem such a big deal. Seems almost ludacris in fact, but what we don't realize is that in the UK and Austrailia ALL animals are protected by 'Cruelty to Animals Act'. The broadcaster had been given permission to use and kill the rat, but he didn't realize that the rat  taking a minute to die after being stabbed was against the law. He was fined around 2.6k plus an additional cost of 2.1k for legal stuff.

So, as tweeted by TMZ and as seen on the second to latest episode of "What the Buck" on YouTube Lindsay Lohan is asking "Clean House" star Nisse Nash to help her organize her home. Viewers of The Insider got a sneak peek into Lindsay's LA apartment and the sheer amount of stuff she has.  One of the questions posed is is Lindsay a hoarder? The answer is no according to Nisse's expert friends. ANd anyone who has seen the TV show "Hoarders" would also be able to tell the difference (myself included). Lindsay has a sheer amount of stuff, sure. But its very very organized-most hoarders don't even have that abilitly. Here's another peek.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

3 for 1-"Lost" Questions; NASCAR Roll-Over and Carrie Underwood+Queen Latifah on 'Pants on the Ground'

Hey all. I've decided to do a special 3 for 1 post today because I did not do a real celeb posting on friday. I may mention TV show "Lost" first in the heading but the title is linked to the NASCAR Roll-over so I'm starting there.

After viewing the YouTube clip, Jill George, driver of the 48 car, hits the apron on the turn of the fourth corner in today's NASCAR race and then flips over his car. He walks away fine.

Second up, the "Lost" questions. I personally never watched the show, but my parents did pretty religiously and I know some of my friends are quite obsessed. So when I came across this article, I couldn't help reading and reporting. This article tries to either answer or explain questions the actors have, such as whats with the numbers or what is the smoke monster. This is because the show is entering its final season, so fans (and the actors) are hoping to find out whats going on.

Last but not least, since the Superbowl is tomorrow (Sunday) this week has been a lot of conferences. On Thursday on one of the pre-game conferences (I believe CBS or some channel), Carrie Underwood who is to sing the National Anthem and Queen Latifah, who is to sing America the Beautiful, were asked a few questions. One TV reporter asks Carrie about "American Idol" audtionee Larry Platt's 'Pants on the Ground'.

Watch what she very classily says and Queen Latifah's response.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Not a Celeb News-But Interesting About Adoptin+Celebs

Hey all. Since I am doing a constant "segment" about the MTV shows "16 and pregnant" and "Teen Mom" [check back later for links to the shows web pages] I decided to take advantage of the resource SeededBuzz gives me (currently in beta stage). I went to the broad category of "Entertainment" where I narrowed down to "Celebrity". One of the first 'seeds' as they call it was about how DMC (Daryll McDaniels) of rap group Run DMC was adopted. He did not realize he was adopted until he was 35 years old and has now made a great bond and relationship with the adoption community. Author Kim King of the post in the blog "Grown in my Heart"; linked by the title, talks a little about her experience being in Run DMC's music video that talks about adoption and the message behind the song. Ms. King has adopted a daughter as well as been adopted herself. Its a very inspirtational story. You should check it out!

This is realated to the shows, in my opinon, because Tyler and Catelynn decided to adopt out as well, and thus are part of teh adoption community. I feel that pregnant teens should read up on adoption and see what a great experience it can be, and the relationship formed between all parents and the kids.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More "Teen Mom" Gossip

As I was looking for some more information I came upon an article in a Nebraska paper. This article also talks about the officer coming across Deborah with knives. He steadily walked closer, it appears, as he asked her to drop the knives. She refused until he was within 3 feet of an investigative reporter states with his service weapon pulled out.

On the Farrah episode of "16 and Pregnant", at mark 35:54 Deborah says that Farrah is "out of control". Seems to me that its mama whose out of control, keep watching to see what I mean (it happens at the 36:22 mark)! On this reunion show, hosted by Dr. Drew, he asks Deborah about the smack. You won't believe her answer (its at the 05:36 mark)! "I don't even know that I hit her..." to which Farrah starts laughing.
You don't know huh? Well..check out that glance to see where Farrah was! Its on MTV b*tch. Gives you some more respect for Farrah doesn't it? She's stilly annoying, but she's not mean.

Taylor Swift's Label Prez Defends Her Grammy Performance

Today I got a Tweet from TMZ about Taylor Swift. I did not watch the Grammy's, but have heard the hype and bashing of country starlet Taylor Swift's performance. It provided a link their source, which I have title linked. They linked to TV Guide.

The story is that Taylor's record label president is defending her performance. He claims that the off-pitch (evidence below-courtesy of YouTube) performance was due to technical error of equipment, not skill area of the artist. He states that Taylor is the voice of the generation is a very talented artist. TV guide takes this information from The Associate Press which they provide a link for you. I on the other hand think that she is not a physical voice, but a lyrical voice of the generation. Some of her songs actually have decent messages IMO such as  "Fifteen". I have been there, and almost done that. My boyfriend at the time told me he loved me and I believed him, but he left me soon after going to college-he did change his mind. From what his little sister tells me he is engaged (to girlfriend #2-i was first) now.

This is the Grammy Performance. As you can hear (if you can bear it) once Stevie Nicks comes out onto stage, Taylor becomes wildy off-key in their duet.

I could not find any information or a response to the media on Taylor Swift's website or her YouTube channel.

Taylor appeared on the Ellen Show via video camera to record her Grammy experience, but there was no mention or talk about her performance.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Teen Mom" Incident Report!

I plan on dpoing updates regarding the "Teen Mom" Incident and so as I was searching I come upon a blog which references "Radar" and so I go there since I had never heard of them and lo-and behold I find a link to the incident report! Now you can look at it too! Just click the title.

A good point to mention now is that I was reading the comments on Radar and someone made a good and rather valid point. That point was that Amber hit and choked Gary on the show "Teen Mom" while Leah was mere feet away. Amber has not been given a bad rap or really been discussed. Why do you think this? Is it because Gary is her ex/fiance and not her mother, is it beacuse she was defending her very ill dad, is it because she apologized on the reunion show and feels remorse? What do you think?

Leif Garrett has been arrested

As I'm trying to actually make some money off this blog I figured the best way to go about getting a good start would to be create a Twitter account for my blog in order to follow (and get sent to my phone) some of the best Celeb News outlets. All day I have been recieving Tweets from TMZ and Perez amongst some more minor ones (ahem CMT). For awhile I was going to do a Katy Perry story, but after recieving three messages in a row from TMZ, I went with the very recent Leif Garrett story.

According to TMZ (linked by the title; click it!), Garrett was arrested Monday morning in LA for possesion of an uncontrolled substance. He was arrested in the Metrolink station, a place he's been arrested before but that was for riding without a ticket. At that time he was found to have marijuana in his shoe. Garrett is due back in court at the end of the month.

Garrett is not new to the law system, according to the LA Times, Garrett has been arrested for other drug charges as well as DUI charges. Oddly enough MTV gives a more thorough backround information on previous arrests than the news sites I've looked off. Just click on the acronym above to see for yourself!

Garrett was once a teen heartthrob back in the 70s and 80s and is now most notably seen in truTVs "Smoking Gun: Worlds Dumbest....". According to People Magazine [Online], Garret has been in some films recently I guess so I took the liberty to see what he's done recently by going to IMDB. To see his acheivements, click here.

Also, don't forget to check out my corresponding vlog (to be posted later tonight) Pei's Penny Thoughts on YouTube and comment/answer the questions I pose to you! Also, please help me spread the word!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Teen Mom" Reunion

Here I am sitting on my bed at 10:35PM at night watching the reunion show. It is hosted by none other than Dr. Drew, most known for "Celebrity Rehab" and now "Sex Addict".

So far Maci has been spoken with. She and Ryan are split and Ryan was just as much a douche bag as he was during both shows that he was on.

Amber and Gary were on and they only use condoms during sex (not a smart idea) and she thinks she's pregnant again and Gary is already being an ass about it.

They just finished talking to Tyler and Catelynn who are still engaged, but not planning to marry until much later after college and such. Brandon and Teresa sent a letter and pictures to Dr.Drew/MTV with an update of Carly and her first Christmas and OH MY GOSH Carly looks so much like Catelynn, and is so cute.  Now they are talking to April (Catelynn's mom). April is starting to opening up and being accepting of their decision, and even Butch is being flexible about it.

Now they are talking to Farrah. No mention of the incident with the mother, but she is seeming to have grown up some. Realizing her mistakes. Her voice is still as annoying as hell though. She is spending more time with Farrah. She wants a partner, but doesn't think there is anyone for her.

Now they are asking each other questions of each other. Some basic questions nothing to elaborate.

Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday for "Teen Mom: Unseen Moments" also airing on MTV at 10.

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"Teen Mom" Mother Arrested Recently

Sunday mid-afternoon my roommate came back to our apartment on campus. We started chit-chatting and somehow the subject got onto MTV's hit show "Teen Mom" (don't miss the reunion show tonight 2/2/2010 on MTV at 10PM Eastern Time); a follow up of the girls from their "16 and Pregnant" series which has a new season debuting soon (as in Febuary 16th at 10PM ET). H told me that she was excited for the reunion show and that she had read on TMZ that the mother of Farrah Abraham had been arrested for domestic violence. According to that story, on Jan 20th Deborah Danielson was charged in court in Iowa, a week after attacking Farrah. She is due back later for another hearing.

The attack happend in Council Bluffs, and Farrah told police that Deborah had choked and hit her on Saturday. According to TMZ, police arrested Deborah after observing cuts on the right side of Farrah's mouth, seemingly to support Farrah's story. There are some minor updates to their story here on the TMZ website.

Another mostly respectably media outlet has also reported on the incident with some more detail. The NY Daily News leads us to the original article found in Council Bluff's paper, the Daily Nonpareil. According to the Daily, the alercation was caused by Deborah throwing a shirt at Farrah and it landing near Sofia causing Farrah to freak out. Thats when Deborah got physical. You can read the full article here at the Daily News, which even tells of the MTV camera's catching a smack to the mouth in a car argument..hmmm.

I took the liberty to go directly to the source, a Council Bluffs, Iowa paper, the Nonpareil, which first reported the incident. The Nonpareil says that Deborah threw the shirt at Farrah which landed on or near the baby while the two were arguing about childcare issues. When the shirt was thrown and when it landed it caused the baby to cry (I don't blame the baby) and Farrah was arguing with her mother about that incident. According to Farrah it as this point in time when Deborah grabbed her by the throat. Farrah pushed/slapped her mother's hand away which is when, alleges Farrah, that Deborah smacked her in the right side of the face. The full report can be found here at the Nonpareil website.

I was lucky enough to come across an update while looking for the original article. This update gives us fans of the show (or nosy bloggers..which reminds me I should check Perez) more information regarding what was in occurance when police officers arrived. According to records the paper was able to obtain, Deborah was wielding two knives and refused to put them down until the officer took out his gun. The story can be found here on the site. As expected, because of domestic charges, Deborah is on a noncontact policy. During the incident both women were calling the other a liar-to be expected.

Miracuously, it doesn't appear the Perez has heard of the charges, or if he has he's chosen to keep silent for once, close to home perhaps?

Of course what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't go straight to the main source? MTV itself to see if I can dig up any juice or anything. If I can't find anything, maybe you can? Just click on blog title! -ETA: After a few minutes of searching I could not find any information, can/did you?-

So, what do you think about this incident? Was/Is it justified? Too overdone? Is it even real? Leave a comment with your opinion!