Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best and Worst Oufits

As I discover my new look, well..really find it (very 80s punk rock mixed with nerd)..and nothing caught my eye to write about in a story at the moment (aka suggestions would be very very helpful!) I decided to do a Worst and Best Dressed list from the 2012 MTV VMAs. Unfortunaely I was not able to watch but Michael Buckley had an excellent recap up on his What the Buck channel so go check that out!

This list is taken from Yahoo OMGs list, and added by other sites which I will link to.

Jessica Szhor, from Gossip Girls mixed black and animal print. In style, yes. Like this?

Not so much. Now, if she had it on her shoes, or even a sash belt, awesome and a best dressed.

Rita Ora of Roc Nation (musical group). She's a singer, presumbly rock based on name..but I don't really know. She wore a silver metallic (these colors, in style yes) with a black sheer panel down the front. Black, an always Do color but sheer should be kept for tights, stockings and wraps/covers over more "thick" clothes. This:

Just looks trashy.

Nicki Minaj, popstar super star. I don't think anyways surprised this lingerie inspired lace black and red get-up topped with a police cap is on this list. Come to think of it, has she ever been on a Best list? Great idea (minus the cap) for the bedroom, an awards show? Not so much. 

Amber Rose, model and singer and fiancee Wiz Khalifia, up coming rapper featured on anyone whose someones album (ie Adam Levine/Maroon 5 and a few others) showed up in a black lace/nude dresss whole he wore a suit at least 2 sizes too small. Suit, a classic. Sizing, not so much. 

Unlike Nicki, Alicia can usually be found on best lists, even when she wears a fedora. But here, she wore a silver (in) gown that was just slightly too boxy for her petite frame. Not a terrible worse, but she could have flatter herself a bit more than what this dress does for her:

Monday, August 20, 2012


So, as per everyone else, I am writing about RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars. I'm actually a huge fan of it, and am happy with the latest winner so I will be writing my thoughts on the contestants, and who I think should have been on.

Latrice Royale-This woman is big, black and beautiful and she knows it. I didn't think she'd make top 3 on her season (4) but she is most definitely an all-star. And I love how she respectfully stood up to Constantino when he judged her in a degrading manor. Constantio=/= Simon Cowell.

Nina Flowers-I am of the opinion that she should have won her season. And then, with the disqualificution or retaking of the crown from Bebe Zahara Bennet for whatever reason, they should have pulled a Miss USA and Nina received the crown. Nina is a fierce personality, with a fiercer look to match, yet she is still kind and rarely put me out.

Tammie Brown-I don't remember much of her being on her season. From the other recaps I've heard she was season 1. I think...I don't know. What I'm hearing is that she left cause she refused to lip synch to a song because of her beliefs or drag or something. But my feeling is, okay, you have values and you stand up for them thats great, but you are on a reality TV show, and we all get it. We wouldn't hate you more for it. I do think its good to see a different look though/

Raven-Oh Miss Raven. She is an amazing drag queen and definitely an all start for sure. She's not one of my favorite personalities as far as Raven goes on stage. Raven talking to fans seems awesome though, but she is one of my favorite looks.

Alexis Mateo-I liked her. I was surprised she made it as far as she did, but she was pretty cool. Felt like I did see a lot of the same thing, but watching her on Youtube after, I see a few new things.

Pandora Boxx-See, she wasn't originally on it. This slot was for America's favorite and Sharon Needles one. But Sharon made an announcement that she wouldn't be able to do it and so nominated Pandora to take her slot. I'm perfectly fine wiht it but a lot of people are why Pandora she wasn't great or anything. It's cause Sharon picked her. But, I did like Pandora. One of my favs her season.

Manilla Luzon-I hated her personality on the show with the whole Heathers and Boogers thing, but now it seems staged cause watching Youtube video it shows a different picture. I did like her crazy costumes and her makeup was always flawless though. I love Raja, but I do think Manilla should have won.

Mimi Imfurst-What?! She didn't break a rule, but she absically did. You don't do that and get a second chance. Wonder how India feels about this.

Shannel-The reason why I have discovered my obsession with Drag queens. Shanel was a fierce competitor, and I think she deserves a second chance. If Shannel and Raven have to lip synch against each other, it will be a firece battle royale and I would love to see it.

Chad Michaels-If Sharon wasnt going to win, I had hoped itd be Chad. He just screams perfection, and is alsways flawless. On top of helping the other girls out.

Jujubee-My fellow Bostonite. She was funny when they were doing the little mini comps when they were boys but I don't remember much. But I trust that she'll represent. Huh..I think we have had only one Queen from Massachusetts on the show (please, correct me if I'm wrong) and therefore I saw MORE. We need more Boston queens, and I know we have them.

Yara Sofia-Just adorable. And I felt so bad when she broke down from all the stress. She's was a little fighter though so I hope to see that again.

I do wish Willam was on instead of Mimi Imfurst. I realize shes another pretty queen, but at least Pandora would have someone to joke around with, cause they seem to have a similar sense of humor and it would be so very entertaining to watch. My top 3 are probably Nina, Manilla and...Shannel. Bottom 3 Mimi Imfurst, Alexis and..Tammie?.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Simon vs Paula?

Good evening loyal followers. I shall try to commit to 2-3 posts a week to start as I return. Life has been hectic but I've been getting into a schedule. Tonights agenda is the new judge feud, starring the TV show America's Got Talent. I saw the news on Yahoo OMG.

It was no secret, as the ads for the season, showing that Howard Stern, radio jock, known for his harsh reviews, said he'd be the most stern judge. What we didn't know was other judges included. After a perfomance by contestant Big Barry did a not quite so good job with a rendition of "Feelin' Good", Howie began to critique using constructive criticism but mostly putting him on a weird pedestal when Howard butted in, calling the show the Howie Mandell show and he was tired of it. The article linked us to where it got its information, a US Magazine article that was posted on OMG where its linked now, where I looked for more info on the incident.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gross(ing) Out-Celeb Version

As a first, preliminary aside, I do not enjoy Bloggers new posting style because I can not link in the title. If anyone knows of a way I can do this, please leave me a comment or send me a message how because it is a big part of set-up. Thanks!

On to the stories. So, I was perusing Youtube as I do when bored, and I came across a not too long ago post from Michael Buckley of "What the Buck" fame, on his personal/other channel. Here he talks about his reaction and opionon on a story posted on Jezebel about form Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord and her strange husband Simon. I have watched New York, and I don't really like it, and Alex and Simon were the two who always gave me the shivers-and I wanted to be Wednesday Addams when I was younger, and this years RuPaul Dragrace's winner was my favorite, the spooktacular Sharon Needles so thats saying something.

According to the article which was posted April 24th, about two years ago Alex and her husband cowrote a book entitled Little Kids, Big City, a memoir documenting their life and the birth of their sons. It contains a story about the older son's birth, in which Alex goes into detail about how pleasing her son's birth was to both herself (which I have heard the stories and sometimes happen-its called an orgasmic birth) and Simon which is wierd. Apparently, he was just as pleased but didn't notice until later, which is weird. You can read about it at the link to article, or if you want more nit and grit about their pre-show days, in their book.

This led me to what else do we overlook as celebs acting crazy, but are actually quite gross so, without further ado: Top 5 Celeb Gross Outs

5: Willam Belli in the now much acclaimed "What the Frock Did Willam Do" Episode, not the original episode title, but what it is recognized for. Willam Belli was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race alongside Sharon Needles in Season 4, but can also be seen in many TV shows such as Walter in a Criminal Minds Episode or Cherry Peck in Nip/Tuck. Before being kicked off by the super-queen herself, William and Latrice Royale were announced as the winners, and as the two worst are about to be explained to why they are in the bottom, there is a close up of Willam looking not so hot and then a very manly retch as Willam proceeds to vomit, and continues too. Watch a clip here.

4: Octomom. Anything Octomom, really. But specifically the rumours of her makeing a how to video for masturbation. What reminded me of Octomom was this article from She Knows about her showing off her scars and stretch marks from the birth of her octuplets.

3: Glamour's list of Hairball look-a-likes. Sometimes its cool, but when its all poorly made, it looks just gross.

2: The current controversial (also celeb gossip vloggers its controver-SHAL not controver-SEE-ALL), Times cover of a mom breastfreeding her 3 year old. Sure, breastfreeding is normal, and I would to expect to see a breast-feeding mother at my work (baby consignment store), or on the cover of Parenting magazine. But those children are usually no older than 1, and one can be pushing it but I can understand 1 years old. Past 1, its kinda gross and wrong.

1: This Entire Video Clip. Especially why/when Kyle Richards ducks behind the counter, and the Walking Dead scene.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End the Hate-Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

Not many of you live anywhere around here, or know who this young author is. However, she attends my school and wrote an opinion piece last week in our schools Newspaper, The Comment. I am writing about this today because being held on campus is a rally to support the young author and to show those who committed the hate crime that we will not back down, that we will not be scared off and that most people today support gay rights. I'm not saying everyone does, but the day Thursday I recieved an invitation to rally being held in her honor, and to support gay rights, being held on campus because the author was attacked due to her article entitled "Prop 8 Generates Hate".

According to the Huffington Post article, and many other news sources such as NECN, ABC and the Boston Globe just to name a few who have heard of this incident, the young author was approached Thursday night under the train bridge by a man and a woman and the exchange started out pleasant enough. The author was asked if she was a writer for the comment, and if she had written that piece. When the author answered yes, the female attacked her she says. The author went on to where she was going with a black eye, to a meeting for The Comment, and she told the students and faculty advisor there what had happened.

I am writing this article today instead of celeb gossip because these issues are really important to me, as I am an ally and support gay rights. Gay people are no different than anyone of us, they just want the same things we do. And for those of you saying its unconstitutional, nowhere does the Constitution mention what is allowed in marriage, it says its state determined, but if its not mentioned, and unconstitutional is againts the constitution how can it be against something that doesnt mention it?

Update: The rally went very well. More than 400 people showed, some professors and alumni amongst the students. Unfortunately, I only was able to hear the Reverand of the Universalist Unitarian Church on campus speak before I had to leave for class but it was amazing to see that show of support. And many media outlets were there aside from NECN local news, and the student paper along with student broadcast station.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Break Ups and Make Ups

According to researchers of analytical data on the Facebook team, there is a list of songs that is preferred when people either break up, or start to date. This makes sense, though some of the songs did surprise me. For your benefit, I will post the list too, with a link to the song if anyone is unfamilar with the title. The title of this post links readers to The Huffington Post article.

Listened to msot when entering a relationship are Jason DeRulo's "Don't Want to Go Home" as number 1.
2: Beyonce's "Love On Top"
3: Lil Wayne's "How To Love"
4: Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are
5: Flo Rida's "Good Feeling"
6: Mr. DeRulo gets a spot on the list again with his "It Girl"
7: Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Lavine with "Stereo Hearts"
8: A surprising appearance of Britney's "Criminal"
9: Wiz Khalifa's "No Sleep"
10: John Mayer's "Free Fallin"
I have to say that since Britney's "Criminal" hit the chart, I'm surprised Taylor Swift's "Ours" didn't.

Now for the downfall as many relationships end, the list according to Facebook about the songs most listened to when going through a break up. The number one song to listen to is Mumford and Sons' "The Cave".
2: Drake feat. The Weekend's "Crew Love"
3: Kayne West's "All of the Lights"
4: Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"
5: Drake feat Rihanna's "Take Care"
6: Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain"
7: Rihanna's "We Found Love"
8: Foster the People's "Call It What You Want"
9: Selena Gomez's "Love You Like A Song"
10: David Guetta feat. Usher's "Without You".

Speaking of breakups, alternative pop musician Katy Perry is copying friend and country starlet Taylor Swift's idea and what made Taylor famous. She is getting back at ex-hubby funny man and muscian Russell Brand in her new song according to Huffington Post.  Russell filed for divorce in December though the documet does not state a date of seperation. Apparently the very seemingly happy couple spent Christmas apart and neither was sporting their bling according to TMZ. In interviews Katy has been pretty stable about the whole thing but at the Grammy's in the debut of her new song "Part of Me" it is very clear that she is very hurt, and by Russell.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey all! I am so sorry to my loyal followers for wicked dropping off the radar, but I moved in September to a place without internet but now due to my boyfriend's brother going into surgery we moved into his parents basement (with internet) and I shall come back full force! Not just because of that though, also because while I was in Rhode Island I started attending The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island in East Providence, and I was told that somehow I would end up doing something creative and be successful at it, and it is something that I kinda gave up on, and to me, that seems to be this because I enjoyed this but gave up on it with other stuff happening in my life, so now I am back!

I have been catching up/watching Teen Mom 2 which features Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and Kailyn of the second season of "16 and Pregnant" and I believe the fourth season is coming out relatively soon. I watch it on the computer a few days afterwards though, so look out for posts in the following days after Tuesday. The finale is scheduled for this week.

I shall two different pieces today, one will be a quick tribute to the recently deceased Whitney Houston, who was only 48 and lived a rather hard life. ooThe other piece, because Valentines Day is tomorrow, 2012's most datable stars.

According to the article linked in the title found on OMG Yahoo, Whitney died in her hotel room at 48 with no signs of criminal intent. Originally Ms. Houston was known for her amazing majestic voice on the hit single "I Will Always Love You", but younger generations know her from her erratic behaviour and odd marriage to Bobby Brown which was seen on Being Bobby Brown. Whats interesting, however, is that just the day before she went to the Grammy's rehearsals and was thinking of making an appearance as it is her favorite time of the year according to her rep in the article. The cause is stilly unknown. RIP Whitney Houston, us 80s lovers will always miss you!

Next, to end with a more cheery topic, 2012's most kissable stars (at least the Top 5)! This information was found on ExtraTV's website.

#5: Megan Fox. She became very well known in a much prettier version of what we see now in my opinion with the Terminator movie starring alongside Shia LeBouf of "Even Stevens" fame. She can spotted in other hit pop-type movies. She also now sports quite a few tats. The pic below is the older her, some work around the mouth maybe though.

#4: Brad Pitt. He's been on the list since, like, forever so everyone knows his name. He was with Jennifer Aniston for a really long time, but unknown why they split. Personally, I don't get it, especially not with this look:

#3: Scarlett Johansson. I think she can be pretty, but sometimes her look is just a tad off for my tastes. She became famous for her role in Home Alone 3, but she became talked about due to her somewhat racy role in The Other Boelyn Girl. Here she is pretty:

#2: Johnny Depp. This I agree with. Even with scissors for hands, there is something about his face that is just..well..kissable. He has been in a wide range of films, even animations such as Corpse Bride, or musicals like Sweeny Tide. Many people now know and recognize him as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of Caribbean movies.

And, finally the ever anticipated #1: George Clooney. I say it depends on the movie.