Monday, August 20, 2012


So, as per everyone else, I am writing about RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars. I'm actually a huge fan of it, and am happy with the latest winner so I will be writing my thoughts on the contestants, and who I think should have been on.

Latrice Royale-This woman is big, black and beautiful and she knows it. I didn't think she'd make top 3 on her season (4) but she is most definitely an all-star. And I love how she respectfully stood up to Constantino when he judged her in a degrading manor. Constantio=/= Simon Cowell.

Nina Flowers-I am of the opinion that she should have won her season. And then, with the disqualificution or retaking of the crown from Bebe Zahara Bennet for whatever reason, they should have pulled a Miss USA and Nina received the crown. Nina is a fierce personality, with a fiercer look to match, yet she is still kind and rarely put me out.

Tammie Brown-I don't remember much of her being on her season. From the other recaps I've heard she was season 1. I think...I don't know. What I'm hearing is that she left cause she refused to lip synch to a song because of her beliefs or drag or something. But my feeling is, okay, you have values and you stand up for them thats great, but you are on a reality TV show, and we all get it. We wouldn't hate you more for it. I do think its good to see a different look though/

Raven-Oh Miss Raven. She is an amazing drag queen and definitely an all start for sure. She's not one of my favorite personalities as far as Raven goes on stage. Raven talking to fans seems awesome though, but she is one of my favorite looks.

Alexis Mateo-I liked her. I was surprised she made it as far as she did, but she was pretty cool. Felt like I did see a lot of the same thing, but watching her on Youtube after, I see a few new things.

Pandora Boxx-See, she wasn't originally on it. This slot was for America's favorite and Sharon Needles one. But Sharon made an announcement that she wouldn't be able to do it and so nominated Pandora to take her slot. I'm perfectly fine wiht it but a lot of people are why Pandora she wasn't great or anything. It's cause Sharon picked her. But, I did like Pandora. One of my favs her season.

Manilla Luzon-I hated her personality on the show with the whole Heathers and Boogers thing, but now it seems staged cause watching Youtube video it shows a different picture. I did like her crazy costumes and her makeup was always flawless though. I love Raja, but I do think Manilla should have won.

Mimi Imfurst-What?! She didn't break a rule, but she absically did. You don't do that and get a second chance. Wonder how India feels about this.

Shannel-The reason why I have discovered my obsession with Drag queens. Shanel was a fierce competitor, and I think she deserves a second chance. If Shannel and Raven have to lip synch against each other, it will be a firece battle royale and I would love to see it.

Chad Michaels-If Sharon wasnt going to win, I had hoped itd be Chad. He just screams perfection, and is alsways flawless. On top of helping the other girls out.

Jujubee-My fellow Bostonite. She was funny when they were doing the little mini comps when they were boys but I don't remember much. But I trust that she'll represent. Huh..I think we have had only one Queen from Massachusetts on the show (please, correct me if I'm wrong) and therefore I saw MORE. We need more Boston queens, and I know we have them.

Yara Sofia-Just adorable. And I felt so bad when she broke down from all the stress. She's was a little fighter though so I hope to see that again.

I do wish Willam was on instead of Mimi Imfurst. I realize shes another pretty queen, but at least Pandora would have someone to joke around with, cause they seem to have a similar sense of humor and it would be so very entertaining to watch. My top 3 are probably Nina, Manilla and...Shannel. Bottom 3 Mimi Imfurst, Alexis and..Tammie?.