Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drama Drama Drama

Since tonight is Big Brother 8 on CBS here in America, I figured I'd restart my blog by talking about news from my favorite reality shows. I shall talk about "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (linked by title), shortened to RHOBH, even though I much prefer the New Jersey edition, so I might insert some information about that. I will also mention "Teen Mom" as well as "The Glee Project" although that show ended with an awesome finally last week on Sunday.

First up, the RHOBH story. Producers of the hit Bravo TV series which follows Adrienne Maloof (my favorite, she is definitely the most realistic out of all the Housewives in my opinion), Camille Grammar, Kim and Kyle Richards (sisters related to the Hiltons), Lisa Vanderpump (my second favorite) and Taylor Armstrong in their fantastically rich lives, are saying that despite the recent tragedy that has befallen Taylor and estranged husband Russel, the Sept 5th premiere is still going to air. Recently, it has come to light that Russel Armstrong committed suicide. Since the episodes were filmed much prior to this, producers say that they have taped new interviews with the ladies to add to the premiere. THis is very sad, and I am surprised they are going forward. If anyone you know seems depressed or threatning to harm themselves inform them of the Suicide Prenvention Hotline and urge to them call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

As I said I prefer the New Jersey one so a tidbit on them. Would you purchase or try the Manzo's new product, black water? Now, I think Chris and Albie are two pretty smart boys so I was surprised that they had become interested in the product that sounded so..gross so I did some research. Turns out its water that is collected from tropical rainforests that have natural decay, giving new and medicinal minerals to the water. Read more about it at the website.

Next on my list is "Teen Mom." I just watched the latest episode today, as I watch it a day after online. Maci is by far my favorite as a mother with child but Catelynn and Tyler were definitely the smartest. Currently, I think Maci is being stupid by post-poning her education, but it is her life. What did you guys think when Ryan told Kyle about the job? Do you think he was being a prick or genuine? In the preview for the upcoming season, I was shocked to hear Catelynn say that she didn't think it was gonna work out, seemingly about them as a couple since they've been doing so well..but who knows what it was. I was not shocked to find out about Amber's arrest though. She was arrested for the beating of Gary, and is in jail with a 5K bail according to TMZ. Recently, as of May, Gary was also arrested according to this article for driving with a suspended license. The report says that Gary was placed in two sets of handcuffs to do his size. This article also says that since Gary is the more dependable and stable parent, he has been awarded custody of daughter Leah. Not because of the antics of her arrest but because of vandalism that had been done to Amber's home and car reports TMZ.

Last but not least, a quick recap of the finale of "The Glee Project." It eneded up being a final four and everyone turned out a winner, even those I don't think should have. Both Samuel and Damien get a 7 episode guest spot while Alex and Lindsay get a 2 episode guest spot. I prefer Sam and Damien to either Lindsay or Alex, and lets hope all the spots are different!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rhianna A Backstabber?

As most of you know, Rhianna has recently come out with a new single, S&M which has become a huge sensation. While I enjoy the song, the message being sung by her frustrates me and upsets me a bit. Remember this?

Rhianna called cops on Brown after a domestic disturbance the night before the grammy's in '09, an incident which is still being talked about today. You can look at the report yourself here from the LAPD. It appears they were argueing in a vehicle and it escalated when the couple exited the car leaving Rhianna with a battered face.

Brown was scheduled to apologize a few months ago in an interview with Robin, but when pressured Brown lost his cool What do you make of all this? Do you think Rhianna did this and created this scam just to get money, fans and sympathy?