Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Simon vs Paula?

Good evening loyal followers. I shall try to commit to 2-3 posts a week to start as I return. Life has been hectic but I've been getting into a schedule. Tonights agenda is the new judge feud, starring the TV show America's Got Talent. I saw the news on Yahoo OMG.

It was no secret, as the ads for the season, showing that Howard Stern, radio jock, known for his harsh reviews, said he'd be the most stern judge. What we didn't know was other judges included. After a perfomance by contestant Big Barry did a not quite so good job with a rendition of "Feelin' Good", Howie began to critique using constructive criticism but mostly putting him on a weird pedestal when Howard butted in, calling the show the Howie Mandell show and he was tired of it. The article linked us to where it got its information, a US Magazine article that was posted on OMG where its linked now, where I looked for more info on the incident.