Monday, March 29, 2010

Whaddya know? Secrets revelead

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Jesse James Real?

So, this week I am spending most of the days starting tonight at my bfs so I can try to blogs when i get a chance, but a vlog will be late and no up for awhile and a massive compilation. I will do two stories today for this reason.

First, after browsing Perez Hilton's blog, I came across a post talking about how Sandra Bullock pulled out of her Oscar winning movie The Blind Side in the UK. The suspected reason? THe news of hubby Jesse James' affair while she was away filming. Representives say that she pulled out for "unseen circumstances" and nothing more. Its seeming to me that Perez got the dish from InTouch Weekly, and their exclusive interview with the mistress, a tattoo model. The model claims to have sent a friend request to Jesse's bike shop to try and get a modeling gig there while Jesse was in Atlanta while Sandra was filming. The model says she was suprised to find that it was Jesse who responded to her. And she claims, it was never about a carreer from the start and that Jesse made it seem like he and Sandra had split. You can read the full article here.

Second, many of you know or have seen Todd Bridges on TruTVs Smoking Gun or from back in his heyday on Diff'rent Strokes. But what many of you didn't know, according to Perez, is that Bridges was a drug dealer. Bridges isnt proud of his past but chooses to tell all in his book.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lohan Rebounds With Sam

First off, I owe you guys a post for Saturday and then I'll get today's topic up.
Second, tonight marks episode 5 of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" where we meet young teen Lori. It seems that Lori is going through the struggle of does she want to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. What do you think she'll do? Leave a comment here, over there -> in the Cbox or join me tonight at 10/9C on Skype at peispennythoughts or AIM at p2thoughts.

Saturday's topic (title-linked): The ever so popular tabloid gossip completly addictive star to see what she has done with her life. Miss Lindsay Lohan. According to Star Magazine (who says its main source is RadarOnline), Lindsay has entered a new relationship. Supposedly, this man is a Europeon model named Sam Webber. Sam models for Dolce and Gabbana, and has been spotted out with Lindsay at both Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Supposedly, Lindsay is so smitten that she is looking for work across the pond in England to be close to him....and to get into the fashion biz.

Today's topic: Miley Cyrus speaks to US Magazine about how great she feels now that she's quit Twitter. At the request of Australian boyfriend and co-star of her latest movie, Liam, Miley deleted her Twitter account. She claims its the best decision she's made, seeing as she now has time for herself and doesn't get upset when people know everything she's doing and now that she can take her head out of the phone and actually enjoy the moment she's in. She claims that she's telling kids to stay off the internet and that its bad. Read the full article here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga Bares It All-Almost

I first stumbled upon this video on Perez Hilton's blog (just search Lady Gaga or Beyonce-it should come up) but I decided to check US Weekly for some news and it came up with this article (title linked). As one may be aware, there have been numerous rumours that Lady Gaga could be a hermaphrodite. Well, with her new 9-minute music vid (kinda reminiscent of the 80s with Michael Jackson's Thriller or I'm Bad vids), those rumours are easily quashed. In the beginning of the vid, Gaga is walked in by two older gruff guards, thrown into a cell and stripped. She proceeds to throw herself up on to the bars clad in pasties and sheer tights while the guards comment that she doesn't have male parts. The image is blurred out of her genitals for younger audiences however.
What do you think?
Gaga Vid: 
MJ Thriller: 
MJ I'm Bad:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mississippi School Cancels Prom Because One Teen Has a Girlfriend

I read about this story on Perez Hilton's gossip blog (title linked) and was deeply saddened by how far in the past some towns are. According to reports, the school district in Itawamba county has closed down a local high school in Fulton's prom. Back in Febuary the school sent out criteria for attending the dance, one of which included that all persons MUST bring a date of the opposite gender. However, HS senior Constance McMillan didn't agree with this policy as she and her girlfriend both attend the HS and wanted to attend the prom. Somehow the American Civil Liberities Union of Mississippi heard about this school policy and demanded that the guidelines were to be changed. Instead of complying, the school board decided to be cruel and cancelled the prom for everyone. The legal director for the ACLU states that doesn't take away that fact that they have an obligation to be fair to all their students, and this is unfair to Constance as all she is doing is trying to assert her rights. 

An update posted a few hours later on Perez's blog (you can read it here) says that Constance returned to school for the first time since the ban on the prom. As expected, she got backlash from her peers who wanted to have a prom experience. However, Constance with support in comforting words from her father is holding her ground. 

Check this article out for more updates, such as that the ACLU is now requestiing the school to reinstate prom with the fair guidelines and allow Constance to wear a tux and escort her girlfriend.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Execs of the Academy 'In Memoriam' Defend Themselves

According to the US Weekly article (title linked) the reason Farrah Fawcett was omitted is because she was more know for her TV roles. When protestors ask about the inclusion of MJ in the memoriam, they say because of "This Is It", a movie he was in after he was deceased. They said that so many screen writers and other outlets of the media died that they couldn't include them all. I disagree with who they did and didnt include. I only know of Farrah Fawcett because of Charlie's Angels-a movie. That is where she became widly known so its my view that she should have been honored at the Oscars and not the Emmy's where supposedly she is. I think MJ should be honored at the Emmy's also because music videos are more prominently seen on TV and not for ONE movie he was in about his life AFTER he died.

In other death news, also according to US Weekly, 80s star Corey Haim died this morning around 4am. Haim was only 38 years old. He died as of a suspected over dose of prescription drugs, but nothing has been confirmed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lohan Overcritical?

Oh my goodness. So far behind! Sorry for that guys. Because of this you will get a post (eventually keep your eyes peeled) for Thurs, Sat and Mon and today

Thurs: Okay, so title linked is a story found on Yahoo OMG linked with Reuters that Lindsay Lohan is sueing E*Trade for their hit superbowl ad that features a baby calling another baby (named Lindsay) a milkaholic. Lindsay says the ad violates her terms and rights of privacy and is suing for $100mil in total. Watch the ad below to see if Lindsay is just being a drama queen. E*Trade maintains that the 'milkalholic' character was named after a member of their financing team.

Lindsay is a popular name however, ranking 380th in 2008 according to U.S. Social Security Administrations. However that is down from the 241th it ranked in 2004 when Lindsay Lohan's "Mean Girls" came out.

Saturday: Taylor Swift may have found love in Glee Star Corey Monteith according to the National Enquirer. However, country starlet won't be telling mom Andrea anytime soon. According to the article, its so that mama doesn't scare Monteith who plays Finn on the hit Fox show off. Apparently Swift has told friends she sees real romantic possibilities with him and the public has seen him on her arm at a pre-Grammy party and out and a popular LA deli.

Monday: Who knew that funny woman Ellen could be so picky? According to the Enquirer, Ellen was unhappy how the AI close-ups with the AI lighting made her look much older and really pronounced her crow's feet. So what did Ellen do? Order lights and people from her show on Ellen to fix it. AI producers think she looks fine, but the Okayed the move to make Ellen happy.

Today: It seems that Emma Watson can't completely quit acting. According to, Emma Watson is acting in Brown University's rendition of "Three Sisters". Emma is acting along with 13 other actors. Emma is attending Brown Univeristy in her time off of the Harry Potter movies. The ivy league school is located in Rhode Island and the show is free March 11th-15th. Go check it out!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gaga and Brit to Make Music?

According to Star magazine (title-linked), the new princess of pop Lady Gaga plans on singing a duet with former pop princess and huge comeback star Britney Spears after Gaga's Monster Tour finishes. Lady Gaga's father Joseph (presumably her manager or agent) exchanged phone numbers with Britney to schedule a meeting in the studio. Gaga wrote the new hit Beyonce song "Telephone" for Britney but at the time Britney rejected the tune. However, this does not upset Gaga as she loves the song and she gets to perform it now. Maybe because Gaga is such a hit, Britney is turning around?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bowersox Delays Ladies Group

As tonight is the 3rd installment of "16 and Pregnant" on MTV, I have decided to do a quick little update on Deborah Danielson (mother of Season 1's Farrah Abraham) and her plea/court appearance. Then I will do a sneak peek of tonights episode, and then onto the gossip.

According to a blog here at which took its information from RadarOnline states that Deborah is trying to arrange a plea bargain without having to deal with the drama of a court room and its procedures. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Feb 26th, and has some details. According the site, Deborah entered a plea bargain and recieved a short 30 day jail sentence and the return of knives that were seized in the incident. Read the full bit here.

Tonights episode marks number 3 in the new season. It centers around Valerie and the sneak peek gives us her phone conversation with the babies dad, Matt. You can watch it here. It appears that someone might not be being 100% truthful, what do you think? Go leave me a comment below or over there -> in the Cbox with your opion. OR you can join me on Skype at peispennythoughts to share your two cents.

Today I will do two short bits for a topic. Title linked is the news that the ladies group of American Idol which airs on Fox is delaye due to a contestants medical complication. According to Us Weekly, top 20 contestant Crystal Bowersox had to be hospitilized due to medical issues related to diabetes. The hospital and the show reports that she is doing well and fine and is ready to perform the following day. Crystal is a soul-rocking Ohio mother.

Also on the list for today is the news of ABC's hit show "Dancing with the Stars" has released its star-studded cast for this season and who they are partnered with:
1. Chad Ochocinco (NFL wide reciever of the Cincennatti Bengals)-Cheryl Burke
2. Jake Pavelka (from the show "The Bachelor")-Chelsie Hightower
3. Nicole Scherzinger (from the hot girl group The Pussycat Dolls)-Derek Hough
4. Kate Gosselin (from the popular show "Jon and Kate Plus 8")-Tony Dovolani
5. Evan Lysacek ( Olympic figure skater)-Anna Trebunskaya

6. Nicey Nash (host of Style's Clean House)-Louis van Amstel
7. Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)- Ashley Costa (recently married; formerly DelGrosso)
8. Pamela Anderson (Playboy star)-Damain Whitewood
9. Erin Andrews (ESPN host)-Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiger Loses Endorsement

Hey all. Sorry for being slow on the postings lately. I am giving up coffee for this upcoming spring break and thus had no energy Saturday (first day of no coffee) to write a post. Feelign better today I give you the Sat+Mon topics.

Sat: According to US Magazine (title-linked), a spokeswoman said that they no longer saw a reason to keep Tiger in their marketing efforts and have ended the partnership to the Associated Press. Despite letting go of Tiger, the sub-unit of PepsiCo will indeed continue to do business with Tiger's charity however. Tiger has recently lost 2 other sponsers as well, Gillette and Accenture. But he doesn't have a reason to weep, yet. He still has contracts with AT&T, Tag Heuer (watch company), and Nike.

Mon: Should 'Rules of Engagement' take a more prime spot? The hit show debuted mid-season on CBS in 2007, and has had consistent ratings since then despite random schedule changes. 'Rules' is about 2 couples and their bachelor friend and their lives, somewhat similar to 'How I Met Your Mother' but the 2 couples are married. Stars include the actor who voices Kronk, David Spade, the mother on Grounded For Life amongst others.