Thursday, December 10, 2015

All this talk: Jelena may be the front runners but they weren't first

While Jelena may be (or were) trading songs about each other on their records by no means were they the first. Quintessential 90s kids will remember when the IT couple were Justin Timberlake (JT) and Britney Spears. The most obvious trade is that of JT referring to Spears' "I'm A Slave 4 U":
(Video released 10/24/09) in his "SexyBack": (Video released 10/02/09).

Also famously, after their infamous 2002 split (the videos may have been released almost a decade later, but clearly they had each other in their minds when writing and singing them) JT made a very widely rumored video about their breakup, "Cry Me A River" (also uploaded October 2009):  which is the more famous allusion song. However Brit Brit also had her own JT break up song in "Everytime" (also a 2009 upload): 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Jelena dreams strong; is Ellie trying to play the same publicity game?

So, while Justin Bieber has admitted to a few of his songs on his new album, Selena admantly denies her Revival album is about Justin. But the songs just match up perfectly. Selena's latest hit is Same Old Love"
which talks about getting over doing the same things over and over and falling into the same patterns. Personally, it is one of my favorite songs of hers lately. Shortly thereafter Justin released his "Sorry" single and video.
The lyric video features a young woman who looks similar to Selena, and the dance version has many similar stand ins as well.
But these two aren't the only ones trading song. Ed Sheerhan and old flame Ellie Goulding are as well, just quite a bit after. There is more time between Ed's Ellie-focused hit "Don't": (which is only vaguely confirmed by Ed interviews)
and Ellie's Ed-focused retort "On My Mind" (which she denies is about him, but listen to the lyrics):

I mean it talks about a hotel, and claiming love but just altering the truth.

I'm baaaack-Celeb Drama is just too Damn Good.

And I'm back. I'm just good at keeping tabs on what celebs are up to. I tried to branch off but it just isnt panning out for me so back to reliable celebrity gossip! Check in at youtube.coom/mizrogue for the concurring vlogs (sometimes) but mainly just do challenges and tags and such.
So who better to come back with than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It's no secret that Selena has had or feels she has had her heart broken by Biebs as attested by her many interviews and songs across the couple of years. The couple started dating young, first love on both accounts I believe, in 2010. Then in 2012 the couple broke up twice. Once towards the middle of the year to "conflicting schedules" but reappeared together shortly thereafter but in December the couple split for seemingly good. We all know of the 2-4 songs that came out of it for Selena and how she dealt with the split, but was it more her choice than his?
In 2013 is when all of the reckless behavior began..was this his get over it method? Then in April a photo showed up of him and Selena while he was in Norway..were they back? It seemed so, for the next few months carrying on into 2014, Justin would post snapshots of him and Selena together on his Instagram. But in April they had a fight after Justin was linked to multiple women, and a song preview on his IG was entitled 'Its Working' which was theoried to allude hints to Selena. At the end of 2014, we see Selena by his side in his tryin to clean up his act. The two have been spotted here and there in early 2015, but remain single both by interview statements and the VMA fiasco where JB cried at the end of his performance.
Throughout this time both have made music that seems to have alluded to one another. Lets go through the years:
2010: Neither had officially confirmed being together and as such Selena had no music out that seemed to allude to Justin. Justin also had no songs alluding to Selena at this time. In 2012, the story changed on Selena's part when she came out with "Come and Get It". Releasing this single shortly after the  second breakup. Meanwhile Justin in 2011 had "Boyfriend" come out right as they went public about their relationship-and the girl in his video is a lookalike for Ms Gomez.
In 2015 Selena relased "Heart Want what It Wants". and is clearly about Justin as she has stated herself. It also pictures her with a troubled tattooed man, clearly supposed to be Justin. Now Justin has come back musically with "Where are you now?" and "What do you mean?" and in the later video the lead female looks like Selena.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pre-season RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 Review

As per a lot of big name YouTubers (BoywithBrushes, Isis and Coco, Hedda Lettuce to name a few) I will also record my thoughts on the newest season of Rupaul's Drag Race and the contestants within.

Because I liked the RuPaul's All Star page on Facebook, a few of us who still remained liked though the show has ended, got a preview last week on the new episode. Much like the All-Stars one, it shows up and through the lip sync but not who stays and who sashays away. I won't reveal the winner of the challenges or the bottom two, but other than that, I will say pieces from the show to round out my reviews.

The cast was revealed on Instagram a few months backduring the summer, which I knew of because of Sharon Needles being able to reveal Alaska with the link as I liked and remain so her page. I am not going to review in any particular order, just who I remember when.

First up is, of course, Alaska as she goes by on Drag Race, but otherwise know as Alaska Thunderfvck. Miss Needles, winner of Season 4, boyfriend and long time applier to be a contestant. Sharon beat her out last year (first time entering) but now its Alaska's turn. I thought I would like her, but her attitude in the first challenge and her demeanor really just off put me. I hope to see her turn around people's opinions but I don't really have high hopes.

Next is Detox on Drag Race, but otherwise known as Detox Icunt, friend of Willam (also season 4 contestant) Belli. She has a fan base, largely in part to Chow Down which she did with Willam and Vicky Vox as Transkontinental. But I always found her humerous, and I loved her banterin with Willam, and her personality is unexpected in the best way possible. She has a large chance of going far, and as long as she doesn't repeat Willam's forray could even win this thing. Also, the girl can paint and lip sync for her life.

Roxxxy Andrews. I had never heard of her. But I fell in love immediately. Really cute as a boy too. She reminds me of the old Season 1 Shannel but less bitchy. I can't wait to see what she turns out. One of my nominations along with Detox for top 3. Really sexy as well. She's a thicker queen as she says, but she is also one of the most realistic. And she has a very unique face. I love it.

Next is Jinkx Monsoon. I love the name, and I have a feeling I will like her. She didn't put me off and she had an out there look in the right way, a bit reminiscent of Tammie and Raja (cunt glasses) with all the right parts. She wasn;t focused on so much, other than her narcolpesy which should be interesting. I hope the best for her.

Ivy Winters. Not many people know a lot about her, or can find information or gigs. She did mention she used to work as a clown so acrobatics might be her thing, and she was "swallowing" fire in her promo pic. I will say she can sew like a maniac (good thing) and is rather pretty.

Jade Jolie. She quickly became my favorite after it was revealed she had brains which wasn't properly shown in her "Meet the Queens" video. Bubbly, vivacious, adorable. Quirky. Smart enough to play dumb blonde. She is my third pick for the top 3. She's smart and pretty as well.Girls got moves and personality and fish. Can't wait to see her improve and take off! She also hails from near my boyfriend's hometown so another reason to root for her.

Monica Beverly Hillz. Not much to say about her, not a lot of camera time. She seems to be the "Jersey" one. She is likely to be somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese. I put these two togther cause that is the main focus of most of the first episode. Apparently there is history between the two queens, where in Alyssa had won but had her title taken for undisclosed reason as of right now and Coco being the first runner up got the crown. After a quick google search it would appear, based on this article, it was due to Alyssa having scheduling conflicts but the interview is from Coco's perspective, so take with grain of salt. Alyssa seems to think Coco back stabbed her, the two having been friends in the pageant world but seems to just ignore it while Coco keeps mentioning it. I don't really like either queen, the cattiness and bitchyness of Coco and Alyssa's face screams bitch to me. Also Coco wears severe contacts, even in boy form which just somehow disturbs me slightly.

Serena Cha Cha. She put me off. Almost immediately. Too full of herself, too cocky. Her banter with Vivienne was priceless only due to Vivienne's attitude. It was awesome. I hope to see Serena leave and quickly. She's loud and obnoxious and many of her digs/reads were uncalled for.

Vivienne Pinay. The "Asian" of the season. Well, obviously so anyhow. She's seems calm and collected. I can see her being the Chad Michaels of this season. She shut up Serena and professionally. I look forward to seeing more of her.

Penny Tration. The Facebook winner. Not too bad, but I do expect more from a fan favorite. Not a lot of screen time so we will see. She is the plus sized queen, but there a lot of real sized women this year which I am glad of.

Lineysha Sparx. The Puerto Rican queen. This girl can paint a face. She's gorgeous and smart. And she seems to have a good handle on English. She will easily make it to the top 4 I think, and she reminds me of Alexis Mateo but she seems to have a better handle on proportions and flattering ones figure. Very elegant. Reminiscent of Jessica Wild as well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gleek Love

I love the show Glee. Always been a fan, stuck by it in the second season when the writing seemed off. Now even though the characters are split, I feel like it has really gone back to how it started. But romantic scenes between Rachel and Finn have just seemed more intense. Though I am not a fan of either character, I still always teared at their break-ups or their heartfelt emotions. Granted, I do that for Kurt and Blaine but it is because I genuintely feel for Kurt and like him as a character. Rachel, I find annoying. Well, I did. Now that she is at NYADA, I find more enjoyable, she's not perfect. But there had to be a reason I responded as I did, and now Cory (Finn) and Lea (Rachel) have finally admitted to being an item according to Yahoo OMG.

Upon the premeir of Glee's new season, a reporter from OMG! Insider caught up with the starlet and asked if wedding bells were anytime soon in her future. This is following an interview Cory had with Ellen where he also admitted that he and Lea were a couple.

They follow in the footsteps of many couples who have dated costars. Fred and Ginger being the oldest I know. Let's take a look at some of the others, and hope Monchelle stays stronger than the rest that I know (Jen and Brad, Jen and Gerard Butler). List compiled (helped) by Glamour UK

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Starred in Mr and Mrs. Smith were they became an item. Amazingly still together, last I knew, with a pair of bio twins and a few adoptive kids.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Met on the set of That 70s show, a classic hit and where Kutcher got his big fame. He didn't date her right away, instead falling for cougar Demi Moore. Since the split though Kutcher rekindled the romance, just now off screen with Kunis.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man and took their romance off the screen too.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on Cyrus' movie The Last Song and there are wedding bells in their future. A mature looking Miley talked to Ellen about it. Perhaps with less naiveity Lea and Corey will fall in their footsteps.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Lautner now moved on to a dancer, and perhaps the subject of Swift's December met on the set of Valentines Day and had one of the shortest romances I can remember, even for the country starlet. Don't follow these two!

KStew and Robert Pattinson. Met on Twilight. Soon started their haphazard romance, rushed as well. Was disrupted breifly by an alleged affair with Stewart's director on Snow White, and the pair split up for a month or a few, but the pair seem to be back in the tunnel of love. Keep the romance strong, but don't make mistakes!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met on the set(s) of High School Musical and quickly brought their romance off screen. For a good 3 years or so before splitting in 2010 wanting to mature their careers. Efron grabbed jobs left and right while Hudgens has been having some misses and flopping around

Hayden Panetierre and Milo Ventimiglia met on the set of Hereos playing niece and uncle. The couple were cute and lasted a few years before the 12 year age difference hit home and caused  the pair to split up.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Singles Blues

With Valentines Day right around the corner, and cheap men everwhere, I'm sure lots of ladies, and lady-boys will get set free right before the romantic moment. I am fortunate in that I have a caring and loving man by my side (he cancelled his D&D game Sunday for me! Huge thing for us gamers) but I will admit after heartbreaking splits, I've pulled the same stunts these Hollywood hotties have as shown in People's latest article.

Taylor Swift. Queen of Romance. When together she dresses country flirty, but after the most recent breakup from Harry Styles of 1D, she were a jaw-dropping, neck plunging sensual gown.

Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber for a record-young adult/teen sensations time. While with him she wore bright, flirty, happy colors in flirtatious cuts. Since splitting she is also wearing a plunging (still modest in Hollywood glam turns) mature blue toned dress.

J.Lo is always sexy, but she covered up with feathers and lace necklines with Marc Anthony. After their split, bare necks and some molting has occured, while she still keeps the sensual white color.

Jennie Garth. I am not a fan of hers (see a previous post relating to Autism and how whacked out tv "doctors" really are) but even I have to admit she looks amazing in the black dress, formfitting she wore after split from Twilight-star husband. Before she was boxy, shapeless and dowdy.

Reese Witherspoon went from cutesy in a white frilly frock, to stunning in  a yellow sparkling gown after split and weightloss. Bright and happy.

Anne Hathaway. She went from, dare I say it, frumpy in black and blue sorta ruffled while with ex-husband but reappeared in a gorgeous glam white dress daring everyone to take a good look.

Sandra Bullock has always been stylish, and favored black as seen in her flowy black with sheer overlay dress. But after messy split from Jesse James (see a post below), she showed up declaring she wouldn't let this end her career in a black sparkly mini to emphasize her point and attribute the sentiment to her dating life as well.

Amy Poehler. Went from glamourous in a white high collared, glitzy glown to drop dead sexy diva gorgeous in a metallic silver, plunging v-neck still glitzy gown following her split from fellow comedy star.

Katy Perry went from a bit of a fashion diaster, to fashion master after splitting from Russell Brand. Before the split she wore a bra like silver top, perhaps attached to chiffon skirt, perhaps not-the angle is hard to tell. After she wears black and white glitzy, somewhat geometric pattering that totally flatters her figure in all the right ways.

I know I've done the sexy dressing (read leggings, mini skirts and a tank with leather top and boots for me) after going from comfortable (jeans, tee and his sweatshirt) while dating. What have you done? Have you?
What would you like me to talk about next? Leave a comment, shout to me on twitter @peim or leave a comment on the corresponding video blog! (to be up later tonight)

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Calling stories

I did a, alright admittedly quick, search for SOMETHING to post today but came up empty handed so now I ask my followers, please..what shall I enterain you guys with? What would you like me to talk about?

Comment here, send me a tweet @peim or a picture @peimo89 or a comment on my youtube channel Go go!

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"Baby" No More

Justin Bieber is an international idol for many females ages 6 and up. He can be considered a child star having started his sudden fame and carreer before he hit puberty at 12 with his song "Baby". The past few months have shown the teen idol getting into a few scraps now and then, and seeing him turned into a typical child star. Yahoo OMG reports on the supposed influence after TMZ released photos of Bieber smoking pot. In most states today, I believe, a small amount is not cause for legal concern, and it is also not a harder drug, very few people die or get addicted to marijuana regardless of what Janelle from Teen Mom 2 says.

The source links Biber's rapping best friend Lil Twist as the cause of his demise. The rapper was also who was pulled over in LA last year, causing the death of a pap trying to get a shot of the teen star (now 20s) getting arrested for bad driving having been driving Bieber's souped up and slick new Ferrari at the time. Supposedly, according to the TMZ report, complete with pictures, Twist was responsible for rolling the blunts. But as seen in the last picture (and having seen them myself living in a legal state), the thing in Bieber's hand does not look like a blunt, but rather a cigarello or normal cigarette. While a bad habit only due to health concerns, it is not illegal to be smoking over the age of 18, as Bieber is.

In my opinion what is more concerning is the resposnse his Belieber's are having and stance they are taken. What they are doing, cutting themselves, is far more deadly and dangerous than smoking a blunt is. This article says that it was a hoax created by 4chan which is not surprising. However, when creating hoaxes it is important to remember that there are gullible people out there and somewhere someone might take it a bit to seriously. And end up dead if they hit important arteries. Some tweets have surface under hashtags such as #cut4bieber and similar things, and most can clearly be seen as joking now. But one particular tweeter has stuck out and some of the responses on her Twitter and photos there appear real, as can be seen by scarring and the shade of red on paper towels and the like. She is not one of the original 4chan Tweeters, I would guess, because her account is still active.

I say its time 4chan spoke up, apologized and offered help to the girls, because that is a serious threat to there health. This needs to stop, and its time we stopped making jokes and offered the Beliebers help starting by tweeting them a number to call, who else is with me? Make a tweet, or an Instagram, or Tumblr-the hashtag has seen all media sites- post using the hashtags #cut4bieber #cuttingforbieber and #cuttingforjustin with the number to the Self-Harm/Self-Injury Safe Hotline: 877-995-5247 . Most of these tweets are jokes, but for those that aren't, they could use a friend right now and thats what we need to be and do. Lets get a better trend started, and start helping.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best and Worst Oufits

As I discover my new look, well..really find it (very 80s punk rock mixed with nerd)..and nothing caught my eye to write about in a story at the moment (aka suggestions would be very very helpful!) I decided to do a Worst and Best Dressed list from the 2012 MTV VMAs. Unfortunaely I was not able to watch but Michael Buckley had an excellent recap up on his What the Buck channel so go check that out!

This list is taken from Yahoo OMGs list, and added by other sites which I will link to.

Jessica Szhor, from Gossip Girls mixed black and animal print. In style, yes. Like this?

Not so much. Now, if she had it on her shoes, or even a sash belt, awesome and a best dressed.

Rita Ora of Roc Nation (musical group). She's a singer, presumbly rock based on name..but I don't really know. She wore a silver metallic (these colors, in style yes) with a black sheer panel down the front. Black, an always Do color but sheer should be kept for tights, stockings and wraps/covers over more "thick" clothes. This:

Just looks trashy.

Nicki Minaj, popstar super star. I don't think anyways surprised this lingerie inspired lace black and red get-up topped with a police cap is on this list. Come to think of it, has she ever been on a Best list? Great idea (minus the cap) for the bedroom, an awards show? Not so much. 

Amber Rose, model and singer and fiancee Wiz Khalifia, up coming rapper featured on anyone whose someones album (ie Adam Levine/Maroon 5 and a few others) showed up in a black lace/nude dresss whole he wore a suit at least 2 sizes too small. Suit, a classic. Sizing, not so much. 

Unlike Nicki, Alicia can usually be found on best lists, even when she wears a fedora. But here, she wore a silver (in) gown that was just slightly too boxy for her petite frame. Not a terrible worse, but she could have flatter herself a bit more than what this dress does for her:

Monday, August 20, 2012


So, as per everyone else, I am writing about RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars. I'm actually a huge fan of it, and am happy with the latest winner so I will be writing my thoughts on the contestants, and who I think should have been on.

Latrice Royale-This woman is big, black and beautiful and she knows it. I didn't think she'd make top 3 on her season (4) but she is most definitely an all-star. And I love how she respectfully stood up to Constantino when he judged her in a degrading manor. Constantio=/= Simon Cowell.

Nina Flowers-I am of the opinion that she should have won her season. And then, with the disqualificution or retaking of the crown from Bebe Zahara Bennet for whatever reason, they should have pulled a Miss USA and Nina received the crown. Nina is a fierce personality, with a fiercer look to match, yet she is still kind and rarely put me out.

Tammie Brown-I don't remember much of her being on her season. From the other recaps I've heard she was season 1. I think...I don't know. What I'm hearing is that she left cause she refused to lip synch to a song because of her beliefs or drag or something. But my feeling is, okay, you have values and you stand up for them thats great, but you are on a reality TV show, and we all get it. We wouldn't hate you more for it. I do think its good to see a different look though/

Raven-Oh Miss Raven. She is an amazing drag queen and definitely an all start for sure. She's not one of my favorite personalities as far as Raven goes on stage. Raven talking to fans seems awesome though, but she is one of my favorite looks.

Alexis Mateo-I liked her. I was surprised she made it as far as she did, but she was pretty cool. Felt like I did see a lot of the same thing, but watching her on Youtube after, I see a few new things.

Pandora Boxx-See, she wasn't originally on it. This slot was for America's favorite and Sharon Needles one. But Sharon made an announcement that she wouldn't be able to do it and so nominated Pandora to take her slot. I'm perfectly fine wiht it but a lot of people are why Pandora she wasn't great or anything. It's cause Sharon picked her. But, I did like Pandora. One of my favs her season.

Manilla Luzon-I hated her personality on the show with the whole Heathers and Boogers thing, but now it seems staged cause watching Youtube video it shows a different picture. I did like her crazy costumes and her makeup was always flawless though. I love Raja, but I do think Manilla should have won.

Mimi Imfurst-What?! She didn't break a rule, but she absically did. You don't do that and get a second chance. Wonder how India feels about this.

Shannel-The reason why I have discovered my obsession with Drag queens. Shanel was a fierce competitor, and I think she deserves a second chance. If Shannel and Raven have to lip synch against each other, it will be a firece battle royale and I would love to see it.

Chad Michaels-If Sharon wasnt going to win, I had hoped itd be Chad. He just screams perfection, and is alsways flawless. On top of helping the other girls out.

Jujubee-My fellow Bostonite. She was funny when they were doing the little mini comps when they were boys but I don't remember much. But I trust that she'll represent. Huh..I think we have had only one Queen from Massachusetts on the show (please, correct me if I'm wrong) and therefore I saw MORE. We need more Boston queens, and I know we have them.

Yara Sofia-Just adorable. And I felt so bad when she broke down from all the stress. She's was a little fighter though so I hope to see that again.

I do wish Willam was on instead of Mimi Imfurst. I realize shes another pretty queen, but at least Pandora would have someone to joke around with, cause they seem to have a similar sense of humor and it would be so very entertaining to watch. My top 3 are probably Nina, Manilla and...Shannel. Bottom 3 Mimi Imfurst, Alexis and..Tammie?.