Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grand-Dugger Born!

Oh my gosh. Sorry for the massive dealy and such a pathetic story. The source is title-linked. I've been busy with getting back into the college rhythm, puppy training, personal issues and stuff.

So, Friday morning on the Today show Josh, the eldest Dugger child, and wife Anna annoucned that they had been blessed with a daughter Thursday. Mackynzie was 8oz and 19 1/2 inches! Big girl! So now if Mom and Pop Dugger finally having kids, Josh and Anna can continue the legend.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RHOA Custody Battle

Right now you know "Real Houswives of Atlanta"'s Lisa Wu Hartwell as the athletic one, married to Ed Hartwell with son EJ. But back in 2003, Lisa divorced husband Keith Sweat with whom she has two kids, Jordan and Justin. Back in that divorce Lisa lost custody of her two older children. She states that she filed an appeal immediately after the decision but was never given a court date, til 5 years later even though she has been allowed (and has gone) to see them fairly often recently. She has an October hearing at a court in Georgia. She would like her older boys to be a part of the show, but she says she understands if the father does not agree to sign a waiver.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emily Osment upstaging Miley?

Because of puppy training and stuff my vlog bit has been on hiatus but I will get better at putting up stories.

Today's (somewhat old) headline is the fact that Emily Osment, sibling to Haley Joel Osment of "Sitxh Sense" fame, is starting a music career just as Miley did. Emily is best know for play Miley's BFF Lily and Hannah Montana's backup dancer Lola on the hit Disney series "Hannah Montana". Emily also has two original Disney movies under her belt entitled "Dadnapped" and "Soccer Mom". She can also be spotted in "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams" and "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over" as Gerti Giggles in both films. Next up is a singing career, already going strong. On a poll on the Yahoo OMG link (click on the title) 51% of voters feel that Miley should watch out!

The poll was on this video:

But if you watch Disney channel shows, between shows you may have seen these four (2 from the movies) clips as well:

Tell me what YOU think? Is Emily a good artist? Is she better than Miley? Who do you prefer?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Behind the times

With the addition of Monty (a little English Shepherd pup) to our family, my vlog making has been on hiatus. I shall start up again this coming Monday. This week has been my vacation.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friendship dies between Danielle and Jacqueline of "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

In the new issue of US Weekly, and also aired on last nights RHNJ reunion show on Bravo!, Jacqueline Laurita says that she and Danielle Straub are no longer friends. In the season finale, Jacqueline was the only housewife to take Danielle's side but has now stated to US weekly that she has come to realize that her sisters-in-law were right about Danielle all along. Jacqueline is married to Dina and Caroline's brother. Danielle made headlines as the new mom on the block and with the discovery of a ten-year old book written by her ex-husband detailing her criminal past and her name change.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Attacked or is it a call for attention?

Argh. I am so sorry to be behind again. This time its due to puppy planning. Surprised my father with an English Shepherd puppy for father's day and we've now just been getting the stuff he'll need since the pup is coming home on Saturday.

Friday's Topic- Late Sunday night Perez twittered that he was attacked in Toronto after the MuchMusic Awards. His tweets say that it was Will.I.Am who attacked him, but a later released statement on his own website (title linked- not safe for work and has crude language) after Will.I.Am released a statement here on DipDive (couldn't find that exact link so it links to YouTube) says that it was not Will.I.Am but Will.I.Am's manager Polo (?) who hit Perez. There is a definite cut near Perez's eye, but in the video his eye is not that black. After Perez posted his statement, Will.I.Am posted another response, only about a minute long reinforcing the fact that he did not him. Ryan Seacrest tried to get in on the buzz tweeting both to call him but nothing new has been updated. Whose story are you believing more? Do you think Seacrest should get involved?

Monday's Topic- Jon and Kate divorce. Last night on the special one hour episode of
"Jon and Kate Plus Eight" on TLC, the last 15 minutes of the show were dedicated to a "special announcement" and explanation of all the latest gossip. Basically what it comes down to is they are having trouble and that they are just thinking whats best for the kids. However, neither seems very sad about the whole thing which is what makes the announcement sad. The next episode is all behind the scenes stuff with ahold on the other requested episodes of the 40 episode season while TLC figures out how to fix it. Does this surprise you? How do you feel about this announcement and the show in the first place?

Tuesday's Topic- Joe Jonas still hurting. At the Jonas Brothers concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma Monday Night, Joe made a change in 'his' song "Much Better". While the original lyrics read "i'm done with superstars", Monday night concertgoers were treated to "i'm done with country stars" taking a dig at ex Taylor Swift, months after she bested him when they immediately broke up. She has since dropped all talk of dating Joe and Joe is NOW just getting back at her. Little late bud, even brother Nick seems to agree with that. Around the 10-12 second mark Nick (who had stood up to do get a clap going by the piano) sit/falls back down with quite a look of shock and surprise on his face. What do you think Nick was thinking? And do you think Joe is being lame and a coward? Is it too late to get even?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Former "Girls Next Door" Star to Get Naughty Gifts?

Former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson has her own reality show now. In it she has told us that she is a) getting married to current beau and b) pregnant with said beau's child.  Former costar and still "best" friend Bridget Marquardt is said to be present at Kendra's bachelorette party. Even though Kendra can't drink, she can still get naughty at her party! Bridget states that Kendra wants sex toys as presents (title linked) but only confirms that she got Kendra something naughty, but nice.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Katie Holmes TV Dance star?

OMG so far behind. I will get them all up in some time. I swear! A third twofer and then today's topic. 

Last Friday- Katie Holmes to appear in "So You Think You Can Dance". Last week, and earlier this week Perez Hilton of has been reporting that Katie Holmes has been taking lessons and has filmed a segment for FOX's hit show "So You Think You Can Dance". Perez's report is title linked.  Today US Weekly reports that Katie's segment is paying homage to Judy Garland. Holmes sings Garland's "Get Happy" from the 1950s musical "Summer Stock". Even the dress code and ensemble is reminiscint of Garland's performance. This segement was to be for the 100th episode but as lots of news has gotten out, it might air July 8th. Directing is Nigel Lythgoe, producer of the show and choreographer is Tyce Diorio.

Monday- "The Hills" 'star' Stephanie Pratt admists to eating disorder. US Weekly reports that Stephanie Pratt, sister to Spencer Pratt media whore, was pressured into being bulemic. She says it happened because she felt really ugly and fat compared to her "super skinny" costars. Perez Hilton also comments on it, but its about how she is a poor cover choice. For your amusement: here it is.

Tuesday- On/Off Couple Samantha Ronson+Lindsay Lohan Off Again. (linked) is reporting that Sam and Lindsay are once again off. According to Perez, after Sam dined with Nicole Richie on Monday she sent a text to Lindsay saying that it was over and to not contact her (Sam) again.  This comes after another huge argument they had when Sam was invited to Nicole's party at the Chateu Marmont and Lindsay was not. Perez speculates that this off won't last very long. However, over at Linday's Twitter Lindsay tweets "Why do people cheat? when love is always standing right in front of their face(s)?? Sr?" After haveing twitpic'd this. At first I thought it was another thing outing Justin Timberlake, but then the Sr hit me. Does it stand for seriously as i previously thought or Samantha Ronson? I did spy that infamous hat, and she's obviously upset if you follow the tweets.

Today (Wednesday)- Piers Morgan Goes Commercial- The recent perfume ad from Burger King (weird, huh?) features a very little dressed Piers Morgan, judge on both "America's Got Talent" and "Britain's Got Talent" and winner of the first "Celebrity Apprentice" against Trace Adkins (I wanted Trace over Piers personally). For me its kinda creepy and gross, but for an older man, he doesn't look half bad (photoshop or natural? Watch this clip and tell me, i think most likely natural...but i didn't look to hard. kinda skeeved me out) i'll admit. What would be worse than Piers though, is a scantily clad Simon Cowell. When asked if Simon would join him in the ad campaign Piers stated that it would be more likely for Cowell to fly to the moon in a wheelbarrow but he'd see Simon at the Royal Ascot races and would ask him.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wife Swap Star Stabs Husband

Back in Season 2 of Wife Swap former Miss Teen New Jersey Jamie Czerniawski from New Jersey swapped places with a tattooed freak show artist. Now Mrs. Czerniawski has been arrested for stabbing her husband reports the article from Associated Press linked by the title. She claims it was in self defense, but husband and lawyers say otherwise. She says it is because a mutual male friend called. She is free on 75k$ bail.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miley ready to go young?

Sorry for being behind again! I apologize. I woke up late today otherwise I would have been on track. Three up on Friday. One two two-fers on friday.

Tuesday's topic- early in the afternoon on Tuesday US Weekly in conjunction with Yahoo OMG (linked via title) reported that Miley and bf Justin Gaston, age 20, have split. Some say that Nick Jonas is the cause of the split, that Miley broke up with Justin for Nick but this is in fact false. Miley and Nick are working on some sort of musical project together (her Twitter tells us this) and Justin was jealous of that, may have been a part of it, but not THE reason. Another reason was that Miley has been traveling alot, without the company of Justin. also had some extra information.

Today (Wednesday's) Topic- Miss California recrowned.  Early today in this Access Hollywood article it is announced that Miss California Carrie Preejan has been dethroned. Instead of being dethroned from the title because of the racy photos, Trump let her keep her crown last month BUT with the promise she would step up her Miss California duties and appearances which she has not so Trump gave the right to decide to the Miss California head person. The new crown bearer is Miss Malibu.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Remember Him?

So, do you all remember the greek long-haired "god" Constantine Maroulis four years ago on American Idol? (That was the year they had TWO long-haired rockers, Constantine and Bo Bice). The title links you ti a bio on Constantine. These days Constantine stars in "Rock of Ages" which was nominated for a Tony Award which was aired last night. This article is an interview about how he has grown and such from Star Magazine. This clip is from American Idol Rewind where Constantine dishes on his experience as an AI contestant. 

"Rock of Ages" is a Broadway musical that centers around music of the 80s such as Bon Jovi and Journey amongst others. Constantine plays the star. In the Star interview he says he'd cut off his hair! What do you think of "Rock of Ages" and cutting hair?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. Oprah?

As reported yesterday via, Oprah Winfrey is starting (in my opinion finally) starting to get some slack/harsh words tossed her away about some of her guests' medical advice.
Oprah speaks to (linked in the title). 

Some controversial guests include:

~Suzanne Somers- the guest who told Oprah she swallows 6o (probably even + now) supplements a day.

~ Jenny McCarthy who claims that vaccines gave her son autism. This has been in research, it is true, but not officially proven thus far. She's also very anti-autistic which is sad and makes this video hard to watch.

~ Christiane Northrup which is the scariest bad advice giver because this woman is a physician/author. She says that thyroid dysfunction develops because of held back words. COMMON SENSE tells ANYONE that this is not true.

Oprah claims having these guests on is only to get viewer's to open up and talk to their doctors, but then why let McCarthy write an blog on her websites page? When its clear that McCarthy is anti-vaccine which is VERY VERY DANGEROUS. The other dangerous thing to having this advice air is that fanatic viewers like the author of Living Oprah have a hard time NOT taking the advice given to heart, and trying it for themselves which is a very dangerous idea.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jesse James is a Dead Man?

If you watched this season of the Celebrity Apprentice you might be familiar with the name Jesse James. That might be the only reason why you know him. I knew his name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it until Trump during a boardroom told the nation he was married to Sandra Bullock. Now James has his own TV show: "Jesse James is a Dead Man" on Spike TV. In the article linked in the title (from, Bullock shares her suprise at her strength after watching a failed stunt James performed. She thought that the paramedics were coming to tell her husband had died and she still stayed strong and supports him. You gotta love a woman who loves a crazy daredevil!

Video up tomorrow. Then a second with Friday's topic.

Monday, June 1, 2009


So I took the weekend off as my vlog is a weekly thing. There will be a two topics/per one episode for today and tomorrow and then a separate topic for Wednesday ON Wednesday. Ok, sorry for being so behind! 

Monday's Topic- The TLC ad. The title to this post links you to the Yahoo OMG section linked with US Weekly. Apparently, TLC knows that Jon and Kate is going down the tubes and for a VERY short while had an ad up on Craigslist (that has since been taken down) asking if any families on the East Coast were expecting multiples and if so they could be a new reality show. What do you all think of this? I personally think its demeaning.

Tuesday's Topic-Robert Pattinson is not just a Twilight star, he was also in another widely popular film- Harry Potter. In this mini-article with US magazine online Pattinson says that it is funny how quickly teenage girls change how they recognize him. Before the fourth movie (The Goblet of Fire) he was recognized as, you got it, Cedric Diggory. If you IMDB'd Twilight and then Pattinson you may have known this. If not, now you do. So, Twlight was NOT his big break but Harry Potter. However, he was not a major lead, but a major character in HP. Do you recall Pattinson as Cedric? Is he a better Cedric or a better Edward?

Today's Topic- A new season of Hannah Montana? Star magazine online reports in this article that the as the hit-show wraps up its third season, a fourth is in the works. However, it appears that Miley (and possibly dad Billy Ray) want to change the setting from California and Hollywood to somewhere else (perhaps that Tennessee town from Hannah Montana the Movie) and change the plot majorly (seemingly in accordance to the aforementioned movie?). However, what does that mean for Lily (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchell Musso)? WIll they stay on the show where more people got to know their names or will they have to battle Hollywood again? Or will they get a spin off (as ya know, their character are dating now)? What do you think? Do we really need/want a fourth season? Should they keep it the same? Change it?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Adam Lambert Out or Not?

As you know, it has been in wide speculation whether or not the runner-up on American Idol, Adam Lambert, is openly gay or not. My title links to Perez Hilton's most recent post on the matter stating that the rumour has it that Adam will come out publicly in Rolling Stone magazine. However, judge Kara has..called Adam out and so has the National Enquirer. People are saying that Adam is lame, unprofessional, etc for not coming out publicly but I find this insulting. It is no ones right to decide when a public figure come out to the media. Its his own chocie. What do you think?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Runway

As promised, the one for today. So, do you all remember the show Project Runway? If you follow Perez Hilton's blog you might recall him saying a few months back that the show was headed down the tubes. However, according to Yahoo OMG linked with Access Hollywood (title linked) the show is back, but now is being hosted in L.A. with a wide (and more popularly known) selection of celebs to be guest judges. The show has also switched networks to Lifetime from Bravo (which now has the copy cat The Fashion Show hosted by Isaac Mizarahi and Kelly Rowland, Isaac i get; Kelly I don't in Runway's spot). I have watched Fashion Show, but I like Project Runway better, and I can't wait to see its return and see the new episodes. I also find Tim Gunn an amazing mentor and a quirky (in his own kinda way) character. What do you think? Runway or Show?

Project Runway airs Thursday August 20th at 10 PM EST on Lifetime
The Fashion Show airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on Bravo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exodus Tyson and Prop 8

So, I had no time to make any vlogs today so I shall post a double tomorrow. It will probably be about 8 minutes tops, 5 minimum. Sorry for the delay everyone, I've had some personal stuff going on. Feel free to send me a comment here or a message if you're concerned.

So, Exodus Tyson four year old daughter of Mike Tyson, the famous (and infamous) boxer. I realize i said wrestler in my vlog but its been a rough couple of days for me. As you know she was found hanging by the safety cord of the treadmill while her brother was playing and her mother was in the next room cleaning. My guess is that she was ON the treadmill and was playing with the safety cord and somehow managed to get it tangled or tied in a loop and then stuck her head through it, as most curious four year olds would do, and then slipped off the treadmill where she was found by her brother. Her mother called paramedics and tried to revive her but unfortunately the little girl died in the hospital tuesday evening. Do you think it was an accident like the police do or do you think its a case of foul play? (Title links to this story on Phonix Fox News)

Now, Prop 8. Also on tuesday, the supreme court ruled to uphold prop 8 which I just find infuriating and wrong. Nobody should be allowed to decide if someone else can marry the person of their dreams. Like, i'm an ally, but if you're straight imagine this: the majority is gay and the minority is straight. Imagine then the majority forbidding you to marry your partner? Wouldn't you be offended? Wouldn't you be hurt? I'd be willing to bet thats how alot of gays and lesbians are feeling right now! We're treating them like..creatures almost...animals. They can adopt (most places) kids, they can live together, they can "mate", they can have a family but they can't get married. isn't that how animals go about their lives? but gays and lesbians AREN'T animals, they are PEOPLE and should and need to be treated as such.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zac and Vanessa ready to split?

So, the other day I was reading/skimming Perez Hilton's gossip blog and stumbled across this section here which showed a seemingly upset Zac Efron with skateboard and phone in hand. Upon looking for some material to write about today I stumbled across in article in Star magazine online, which is linked in the title. It says that Zac wants to distance himself as much from his HSM (High School Musical) image as possible, which would include breaking up with Vanessa Hudgens because people see the two together they automatically think Troy and Gabriella. 

Also, it seems that Zac has tried to stop the romance before since when they were house hunting Vanessa said they should get a house together and Zac said no. He's also been seen traveling and going to premieres by himself instead of with her, like previously, until she shows up. Without outrightly saying it, Star says that Vanessa is controlling and smothering. What do you think? Should the two split after three years (at 20 and 21 now, so 17 and 18 when they started dating)? Is Vanessa the right girl for a guy who said he'd never get married? 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate or Jon vs Kate?

So tonight was the premiere of one of TLC's hit shows "Jon and Kate plus Eight". Now as has hit the media by storm everywhere from People Magazine to US Weekly to Yahoo's OMG section to Mr. Perez Hilton himself, we are hearing of marriage/cheating troubles between the two. My title links to Yahoo's OMG article where Kate says that "everything is falling apart". And while I disagree with Perez over the SYTYCD incident, I have to wonder if he's right in calling Kate the cause of all this drama. If you notice, Jon has tried to stay out of the limelight as much as possible. He will give his defense but he doesn't do non-show interviews, and hasn't even now. In the article one of the pink links is to TLC's preview clip and I urge my readers to click on it. Also, Kate's own sister Julie is saying to not watch the show, everything is fake. Now, Julie could be bitter sure...but something tells me she is right. I mean we never knew of this drama til about maybe 2 weeks before the premiere. And of course now with all the tabloid attention, Kate is whining yet she continues to give interviews to People, US Weekly and the like. 

In the clip, Jon says he feels trapped and its like a prison. After seeing the show myself a few years back, and seeing a bit of controlling from Kate I don't really doubt him. I think fame has gotten into her head. I think this whole show was her idea, to be frank. I will link the clip in this article as well, and be sure to watch out for my corresponding vlog which will be up tomorrow on Youtube at in the playlist Pei's Penny Thoughts!

Also, I find it funny that all this is happening on a show which airs on a channel whose letters stand for TENDER LOVING CARE!!! 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taking it too far?

As most every loyal follower of Tabloids and Gossip Bloggers know, earlier this week the infamous Perez Hilton of reported on a judging done by Mary, Nigel and Guest Judge Sonya (spelling?) on "So You Think You Can Dance?". Mr. Hilton said some pretty rude things, even going so far as to call Mr. Lythgoe a homophobe. The title to this post links to Mr.Hiltons post where many a comment was left saying that he is out of his mind and it taking it way to personally.

Now while I see HOW it could be taken offensively, I don't think it was meant to be slandering. I have posted the video of the incident for you all to look at and agree or disagree with me. However, I've begun to wonder if Perez thhinks himself the  Jesus of Gays, when in reality he is bringing a bad name to every other gay person. I have many gay friends, and am an ally myself and they are not as harsh and mean to straight people or take such HUGE offense to the slightest accident. Sure what Nigel said may have come off as offensive, but to me it was an accident. 

What do you all think? Do you think Perez needs a slap upside the head? Should we send him a petition of sorts, stating to check ALL his facts before posting a story? To HELP the gay cause and not hurt it?