Thursday, January 17, 2013

Singles Blues

With Valentines Day right around the corner, and cheap men everwhere, I'm sure lots of ladies, and lady-boys will get set free right before the romantic moment. I am fortunate in that I have a caring and loving man by my side (he cancelled his D&D game Sunday for me! Huge thing for us gamers) but I will admit after heartbreaking splits, I've pulled the same stunts these Hollywood hotties have as shown in People's latest article.

Taylor Swift. Queen of Romance. When together she dresses country flirty, but after the most recent breakup from Harry Styles of 1D, she were a jaw-dropping, neck plunging sensual gown.

Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber for a record-young adult/teen sensations time. While with him she wore bright, flirty, happy colors in flirtatious cuts. Since splitting she is also wearing a plunging (still modest in Hollywood glam turns) mature blue toned dress.

J.Lo is always sexy, but she covered up with feathers and lace necklines with Marc Anthony. After their split, bare necks and some molting has occured, while she still keeps the sensual white color.

Jennie Garth. I am not a fan of hers (see a previous post relating to Autism and how whacked out tv "doctors" really are) but even I have to admit she looks amazing in the black dress, formfitting she wore after split from Twilight-star husband. Before she was boxy, shapeless and dowdy.

Reese Witherspoon went from cutesy in a white frilly frock, to stunning in  a yellow sparkling gown after split and weightloss. Bright and happy.

Anne Hathaway. She went from, dare I say it, frumpy in black and blue sorta ruffled while with ex-husband but reappeared in a gorgeous glam white dress daring everyone to take a good look.

Sandra Bullock has always been stylish, and favored black as seen in her flowy black with sheer overlay dress. But after messy split from Jesse James (see a post below), she showed up declaring she wouldn't let this end her career in a black sparkly mini to emphasize her point and attribute the sentiment to her dating life as well.

Amy Poehler. Went from glamourous in a white high collared, glitzy glown to drop dead sexy diva gorgeous in a metallic silver, plunging v-neck still glitzy gown following her split from fellow comedy star.

Katy Perry went from a bit of a fashion diaster, to fashion master after splitting from Russell Brand. Before the split she wore a bra like silver top, perhaps attached to chiffon skirt, perhaps not-the angle is hard to tell. After she wears black and white glitzy, somewhat geometric pattering that totally flatters her figure in all the right ways.

I know I've done the sexy dressing (read leggings, mini skirts and a tank with leather top and boots for me) after going from comfortable (jeans, tee and his sweatshirt) while dating. What have you done? Have you?
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