Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Star Overcomes Death, Another Greets It (Again)

As most of you know, from mid-April to just last week, Poison frontman Bret Michaels and a finalist on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" has been hospitalized. I first noticed that he had been put in the hospital in a People magazine I had bought while at the grocery store. He was hospitalized due to a brain hemorrhage. It was very iffy for awhile due to the fact that Bret has diabetes and thus his blood is less likely to clot. The upside was that he was still concious and could still talk, although slurred. Despite all of this, Bret is scheduled to return to the concert stage May 28th to continue his Custom Built Tour. The venue of his return is the Hard Rock Cafe in Mississippi.  His agent said that Bret plans to reschedule the dates of the tour he had to miss due to his unforeseen illness. In order for Bret to be in the best shape he has upped his rehabilitation routine to twice daily according to the article in Us Weekly (title-linked). And expect to see Bret May23rd on the Celebrity Apprentice finale where he is up against Holly Peete Robinson competing to win money for their respective charities (Bret for American Diabetes Association, Holly for HollyRod [autism]).

Because its been awhile I have a second story, John Travolta greets death again. According to a new story today, 2 of Travolta's dogs were hit at an airport and died. They were hit while being walked. Recently the Travolta's have been in the news for the unexpected death of their 16-year old son Jett who died last year.

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