Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Whole Lot of Lohan

First off, I would like to apologize to my followers and readers of my blog for being so off-schedule. It's been a crazy summer. I've actually got a job here in town (at home from school), and we went to Iowa to visit my Dads folks and my computer has been acting up and it would be far too much a pain to blog with my new Apple Ipod Touch.

For today I have two Lindsay Lohan (of course) stories. They both revolve around the recent sentencing of jail time and a rehab stint that Lohan recieved courtesy of Judge Marsha Revel. The first one is that Lohan's lawyer suddently quit after publicly dissing the judge's sentence and then quitting as the Lohan lawyer. This article is title linked and found on Star Magazine. She comments on Lindsay's nail art (a message of F U to the judge) stating that it was barely visible to the naked eye. Even so, in my opinion, Lindsay now..24 i think should be mature enough not to send such messages. And of course a TV camera present would zoom, its Lindsay Lohan. As much as I think she's a talented actress/singer, I am less than pleased with her behaviour. But instead of ratting on her, I just feel sad for her. Yes, I gossip on her, but if you notice, I never say anything crude or rude about her. According to the Star article, Lohan has found a new lawyer by the name of Tiffany Feder-Cohen. However, this statement is contradicted by a report. They report that she has hired Stuart V. Goldberg and later a rep saying that they are still looking.

This information can be found in this USWeekly article about ex-Sam Ronson defending Lohan after Joan Rivers Tweets some less than nice comments. According to the article, after the sentencing Rivers had some additional commentary to make on her Twitter account saying such things as "Lindsay Lohan is so dumb. Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge" [referencing the nail work]; "I was just reading about the new Lindsay Lohan diet which is all liquid. 80 proof." [in reference to why Lohan was appearing at court]; "Lindsay Lohan said she wouldn't mind being under oath because she thought Oath was a big Norwegian ski instructor". You can see the Tweets for yourself here. After having enough, Sam Ronson tweeted back and retorted "Hey Joan Rivers. You have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait I guess people that old can't hear." You can see Sam's tweets here (you have to click more and then its 4th or 5th after that). Lohan was appreciative enough to retweet and tell Sam thanks.