Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey all! I am so sorry to my loyal followers for wicked dropping off the radar, but I moved in September to a place without internet but now due to my boyfriend's brother going into surgery we moved into his parents basement (with internet) and I shall come back full force! Not just because of that though, also because while I was in Rhode Island I started attending The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island in East Providence, and I was told that somehow I would end up doing something creative and be successful at it, and it is something that I kinda gave up on, and to me, that seems to be this because I enjoyed this but gave up on it with other stuff happening in my life, so now I am back!

I have been catching up/watching Teen Mom 2 which features Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and Kailyn of the second season of "16 and Pregnant" and I believe the fourth season is coming out relatively soon. I watch it on the computer a few days afterwards though, so look out for posts in the following days after Tuesday. The finale is scheduled for this week.

I shall two different pieces today, one will be a quick tribute to the recently deceased Whitney Houston, who was only 48 and lived a rather hard life. ooThe other piece, because Valentines Day is tomorrow, 2012's most datable stars.

According to the article linked in the title found on OMG Yahoo, Whitney died in her hotel room at 48 with no signs of criminal intent. Originally Ms. Houston was known for her amazing majestic voice on the hit single "I Will Always Love You", but younger generations know her from her erratic behaviour and odd marriage to Bobby Brown which was seen on Being Bobby Brown. Whats interesting, however, is that just the day before she went to the Grammy's rehearsals and was thinking of making an appearance as it is her favorite time of the year according to her rep in the article. The cause is stilly unknown. RIP Whitney Houston, us 80s lovers will always miss you!

Next, to end with a more cheery topic, 2012's most kissable stars (at least the Top 5)! This information was found on ExtraTV's website.

#5: Megan Fox. She became very well known in a much prettier version of what we see now in my opinion with the Terminator movie starring alongside Shia LeBouf of "Even Stevens" fame. She can spotted in other hit pop-type movies. She also now sports quite a few tats. The pic below is the older her, some work around the mouth maybe though.

#4: Brad Pitt. He's been on the list since, like, forever so everyone knows his name. He was with Jennifer Aniston for a really long time, but unknown why they split. Personally, I don't get it, especially not with this look:

#3: Scarlett Johansson. I think she can be pretty, but sometimes her look is just a tad off for my tastes. She became famous for her role in Home Alone 3, but she became talked about due to her somewhat racy role in The Other Boelyn Girl. Here she is pretty:

#2: Johnny Depp. This I agree with. Even with scissors for hands, there is something about his face that is just..well..kissable. He has been in a wide range of films, even animations such as Corpse Bride, or musicals like Sweeny Tide. Many people now know and recognize him as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of Caribbean movies.

And, finally the ever anticipated #1: George Clooney. I say it depends on the movie. 

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