Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End the Hate-Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

Not many of you live anywhere around here, or know who this young author is. However, she attends my school and wrote an opinion piece last week in our schools Newspaper, The Comment. I am writing about this today because being held on campus is a rally to support the young author and to show those who committed the hate crime that we will not back down, that we will not be scared off and that most people today support gay rights. I'm not saying everyone does, but the day Thursday I recieved an invitation to rally being held in her honor, and to support gay rights, being held on campus because the author was attacked due to her article entitled "Prop 8 Generates Hate".

According to the Huffington Post article, and many other news sources such as NECN, ABC and the Boston Globe just to name a few who have heard of this incident, the young author was approached Thursday night under the train bridge by a man and a woman and the exchange started out pleasant enough. The author was asked if she was a writer for the comment, and if she had written that piece. When the author answered yes, the female attacked her she says. The author went on to where she was going with a black eye, to a meeting for The Comment, and she told the students and faculty advisor there what had happened.

I am writing this article today instead of celeb gossip because these issues are really important to me, as I am an ally and support gay rights. Gay people are no different than anyone of us, they just want the same things we do. And for those of you saying its unconstitutional, nowhere does the Constitution mention what is allowed in marriage, it says its state determined, but if its not mentioned, and unconstitutional is againts the constitution how can it be against something that doesnt mention it?

Update: The rally went very well. More than 400 people showed, some professors and alumni amongst the students. Unfortunately, I only was able to hear the Reverand of the Universalist Unitarian Church on campus speak before I had to leave for class but it was amazing to see that show of support. And many media outlets were there aside from NECN local news, and the student paper along with student broadcast station.

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