Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gross(ing) Out-Celeb Version

As a first, preliminary aside, I do not enjoy Bloggers new posting style because I can not link in the title. If anyone knows of a way I can do this, please leave me a comment or send me a message how because it is a big part of set-up. Thanks!

On to the stories. So, I was perusing Youtube as I do when bored, and I came across a not too long ago post from Michael Buckley of "What the Buck" fame, on his personal/other channel. Here he talks about his reaction and opionon on a story posted on Jezebel about form Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord and her strange husband Simon. I have watched New York, and I don't really like it, and Alex and Simon were the two who always gave me the shivers-and I wanted to be Wednesday Addams when I was younger, and this years RuPaul Dragrace's winner was my favorite, the spooktacular Sharon Needles so thats saying something.

According to the article which was posted April 24th, about two years ago Alex and her husband cowrote a book entitled Little Kids, Big City, a memoir documenting their life and the birth of their sons. It contains a story about the older son's birth, in which Alex goes into detail about how pleasing her son's birth was to both herself (which I have heard the stories and sometimes happen-its called an orgasmic birth) and Simon which is wierd. Apparently, he was just as pleased but didn't notice until later, which is weird. You can read about it at the link to article, or if you want more nit and grit about their pre-show days, in their book.

This led me to what else do we overlook as celebs acting crazy, but are actually quite gross so, without further ado: Top 5 Celeb Gross Outs

5: Willam Belli in the now much acclaimed "What the Frock Did Willam Do" Episode, not the original episode title, but what it is recognized for. Willam Belli was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race alongside Sharon Needles in Season 4, but can also be seen in many TV shows such as Walter in a Criminal Minds Episode or Cherry Peck in Nip/Tuck. Before being kicked off by the super-queen herself, William and Latrice Royale were announced as the winners, and as the two worst are about to be explained to why they are in the bottom, there is a close up of Willam looking not so hot and then a very manly retch as Willam proceeds to vomit, and continues too. Watch a clip here.

4: Octomom. Anything Octomom, really. But specifically the rumours of her makeing a how to video for masturbation. What reminded me of Octomom was this article from She Knows about her showing off her scars and stretch marks from the birth of her octuplets.

3: Glamour's list of Hairball look-a-likes. Sometimes its cool, but when its all poorly made, it looks just gross.

2: The current controversial (also celeb gossip vloggers its controver-SHAL not controver-SEE-ALL), Times cover of a mom breastfreeding her 3 year old. Sure, breastfreeding is normal, and I would to expect to see a breast-feeding mother at my work (baby consignment store), or on the cover of Parenting magazine. But those children are usually no older than 1, and one can be pushing it but I can understand 1 years old. Past 1, its kinda gross and wrong.

1: This Entire Video Clip. Especially why/when Kyle Richards ducks behind the counter, and the Walking Dead scene.


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