Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm baaaack-Celeb Drama is just too Damn Good.

And I'm back. I'm just good at keeping tabs on what celebs are up to. I tried to branch off but it just isnt panning out for me so back to reliable celebrity gossip! Check in at youtube.coom/mizrogue for the concurring vlogs (sometimes) but mainly just do challenges and tags and such.
So who better to come back with than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It's no secret that Selena has had or feels she has had her heart broken by Biebs as attested by her many interviews and songs across the couple of years. The couple started dating young, first love on both accounts I believe, in 2010. Then in 2012 the couple broke up twice. Once towards the middle of the year to "conflicting schedules" but reappeared together shortly thereafter but in December the couple split for seemingly good. We all know of the 2-4 songs that came out of it for Selena and how she dealt with the split, but was it more her choice than his?
In 2013 is when all of the reckless behavior began..was this his get over it method? Then in April a photo showed up of him and Selena while he was in Norway..were they back? It seemed so, for the next few months carrying on into 2014, Justin would post snapshots of him and Selena together on his Instagram. But in April they had a fight after Justin was linked to multiple women, and a song preview on his IG was entitled 'Its Working' which was theoried to allude hints to Selena. At the end of 2014, we see Selena by his side in his tryin to clean up his act. The two have been spotted here and there in early 2015, but remain single both by interview statements and the VMA fiasco where JB cried at the end of his performance.
Throughout this time both have made music that seems to have alluded to one another. Lets go through the years:
2010: Neither had officially confirmed being together and as such Selena had no music out that seemed to allude to Justin. Justin also had no songs alluding to Selena at this time. In 2012, the story changed on Selena's part when she came out with "Come and Get It". Releasing this single shortly after the  second breakup. Meanwhile Justin in 2011 had "Boyfriend" come out right as they went public about their relationship-and the girl in his video is a lookalike for Ms Gomez.
In 2015 Selena relased "Heart Want what It Wants". and is clearly about Justin as she has stated herself. It also pictures her with a troubled tattooed man, clearly supposed to be Justin. Now Justin has come back musically with "Where are you now?" and "What do you mean?" and in the later video the lead female looks like Selena.

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