Monday, December 7, 2015

Jelena dreams strong; is Ellie trying to play the same publicity game?

So, while Justin Bieber has admitted to a few of his songs on his new album, Selena admantly denies her Revival album is about Justin. But the songs just match up perfectly. Selena's latest hit is Same Old Love"
which talks about getting over doing the same things over and over and falling into the same patterns. Personally, it is one of my favorite songs of hers lately. Shortly thereafter Justin released his "Sorry" single and video.
The lyric video features a young woman who looks similar to Selena, and the dance version has many similar stand ins as well.
But these two aren't the only ones trading song. Ed Sheerhan and old flame Ellie Goulding are as well, just quite a bit after. There is more time between Ed's Ellie-focused hit "Don't": (which is only vaguely confirmed by Ed interviews)
and Ellie's Ed-focused retort "On My Mind" (which she denies is about him, but listen to the lyrics):

I mean it talks about a hotel, and claiming love but just altering the truth.

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