Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exodus Tyson and Prop 8

So, I had no time to make any vlogs today so I shall post a double tomorrow. It will probably be about 8 minutes tops, 5 minimum. Sorry for the delay everyone, I've had some personal stuff going on. Feel free to send me a comment here or a message if you're concerned.

So, Exodus Tyson four year old daughter of Mike Tyson, the famous (and infamous) boxer. I realize i said wrestler in my vlog but its been a rough couple of days for me. As you know she was found hanging by the safety cord of the treadmill while her brother was playing and her mother was in the next room cleaning. My guess is that she was ON the treadmill and was playing with the safety cord and somehow managed to get it tangled or tied in a loop and then stuck her head through it, as most curious four year olds would do, and then slipped off the treadmill where she was found by her brother. Her mother called paramedics and tried to revive her but unfortunately the little girl died in the hospital tuesday evening. Do you think it was an accident like the police do or do you think its a case of foul play? (Title links to this story on Phonix Fox News)

Now, Prop 8. Also on tuesday, the supreme court ruled to uphold prop 8 which I just find infuriating and wrong. Nobody should be allowed to decide if someone else can marry the person of their dreams. Like, i'm an ally, but if you're straight imagine this: the majority is gay and the minority is straight. Imagine then the majority forbidding you to marry your partner? Wouldn't you be offended? Wouldn't you be hurt? I'd be willing to bet thats how alot of gays and lesbians are feeling right now! We're treating them like..creatures almost...animals. They can adopt (most places) kids, they can live together, they can "mate", they can have a family but they can't get married. isn't that how animals go about their lives? but gays and lesbians AREN'T animals, they are PEOPLE and should and need to be treated as such.

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