Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate or Jon vs Kate?

So tonight was the premiere of one of TLC's hit shows "Jon and Kate plus Eight". Now as has hit the media by storm everywhere from People Magazine to US Weekly to Yahoo's OMG section to Mr. Perez Hilton himself, we are hearing of marriage/cheating troubles between the two. My title links to Yahoo's OMG article where Kate says that "everything is falling apart". And while I disagree with Perez over the SYTYCD incident, I have to wonder if he's right in calling Kate the cause of all this drama. If you notice, Jon has tried to stay out of the limelight as much as possible. He will give his defense but he doesn't do non-show interviews, and hasn't even now. In the article one of the pink links is to TLC's preview clip and I urge my readers to click on it. Also, Kate's own sister Julie is saying to not watch the show, everything is fake. Now, Julie could be bitter sure...but something tells me she is right. I mean we never knew of this drama til about maybe 2 weeks before the premiere. And of course now with all the tabloid attention, Kate is whining yet she continues to give interviews to People, US Weekly and the like. 

In the clip, Jon says he feels trapped and its like a prison. After seeing the show myself a few years back, and seeing a bit of controlling from Kate I don't really doubt him. I think fame has gotten into her head. I think this whole show was her idea, to be frank. I will link the clip in this article as well, and be sure to watch out for my corresponding vlog which will be up tomorrow on Youtube at in the playlist Pei's Penny Thoughts!

Also, I find it funny that all this is happening on a show which airs on a channel whose letters stand for TENDER LOVING CARE!!! 

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  1. yo it's Kate vs. Jon!!!!!! Fo sho