Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tales of Rehab

It seems that I am on a theme this week. Yesterday I reported on Lindsay Lohan and her court ordered rehab stint. Today I am reporting on two more stories,

Title linked is an article about how generous Sandra Bullock for what she did while ex-Jesse James was in rehab.  I guess currently there is a custody hearing going on over Sunny, who is six years old. James admitted during court that Bullock watched Sunny while he did his time in rehab. The battle for custody is not between James and Bullock but rather James and his ex-wife and mother of Sunny. While testifying against her, James says that he had had told her when he went to rehab that Sunny would be staying with her stepmother. Sunny also visited James while he was in the Arizona rehab after James admitted to having the affair with the tattoo model. Sunny's biological mom is worried that she loves Bullock more than herself, as witnessed in an e-mail to James' sister that was used as court evidence saying that is all Sunny would talk about. The court hearing is over the pending move to Texas. Even though the couple divorced in June, James would not remove his family with out consulting the biological mother.

"Celebrity Rehab" is a relatively popular and well known tv show. It was reported that reality-TV star Tila Tequila was supposed to be on the latest edition. However, according to a YahooOMG-Access Hollywood story, Tequila has dropped out.  This should come as no surprise since according to the Tequila rep, she had never officially confirmed anything. She is busy promoting her celeb blog, music and other products.

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