Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. Oprah?

As reported yesterday via, Oprah Winfrey is starting (in my opinion finally) starting to get some slack/harsh words tossed her away about some of her guests' medical advice.
Oprah speaks to (linked in the title). 

Some controversial guests include:

~Suzanne Somers- the guest who told Oprah she swallows 6o (probably even + now) supplements a day.

~ Jenny McCarthy who claims that vaccines gave her son autism. This has been in research, it is true, but not officially proven thus far. She's also very anti-autistic which is sad and makes this video hard to watch.

~ Christiane Northrup which is the scariest bad advice giver because this woman is a physician/author. She says that thyroid dysfunction develops because of held back words. COMMON SENSE tells ANYONE that this is not true.

Oprah claims having these guests on is only to get viewer's to open up and talk to their doctors, but then why let McCarthy write an blog on her websites page? When its clear that McCarthy is anti-vaccine which is VERY VERY DANGEROUS. The other dangerous thing to having this advice air is that fanatic viewers like the author of Living Oprah have a hard time NOT taking the advice given to heart, and trying it for themselves which is a very dangerous idea.

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