Monday, June 8, 2009

Remember Him?

So, do you all remember the greek long-haired "god" Constantine Maroulis four years ago on American Idol? (That was the year they had TWO long-haired rockers, Constantine and Bo Bice). The title links you ti a bio on Constantine. These days Constantine stars in "Rock of Ages" which was nominated for a Tony Award which was aired last night. This article is an interview about how he has grown and such from Star Magazine. This clip is from American Idol Rewind where Constantine dishes on his experience as an AI contestant. 

"Rock of Ages" is a Broadway musical that centers around music of the 80s such as Bon Jovi and Journey amongst others. Constantine plays the star. In the Star interview he says he'd cut off his hair! What do you think of "Rock of Ages" and cutting hair?

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