Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Katie Holmes TV Dance star?

OMG so far behind. I will get them all up in some time. I swear! A third twofer and then today's topic. 

Last Friday- Katie Holmes to appear in "So You Think You Can Dance". Last week, and earlier this week Perez Hilton of has been reporting that Katie Holmes has been taking lessons and has filmed a segment for FOX's hit show "So You Think You Can Dance". Perez's report is title linked.  Today US Weekly reports that Katie's segment is paying homage to Judy Garland. Holmes sings Garland's "Get Happy" from the 1950s musical "Summer Stock". Even the dress code and ensemble is reminiscint of Garland's performance. This segement was to be for the 100th episode but as lots of news has gotten out, it might air July 8th. Directing is Nigel Lythgoe, producer of the show and choreographer is Tyce Diorio.

Monday- "The Hills" 'star' Stephanie Pratt admists to eating disorder. US Weekly reports that Stephanie Pratt, sister to Spencer Pratt media whore, was pressured into being bulemic. She says it happened because she felt really ugly and fat compared to her "super skinny" costars. Perez Hilton also comments on it, but its about how she is a poor cover choice. For your amusement: here it is.

Tuesday- On/Off Couple Samantha Ronson+Lindsay Lohan Off Again. (linked) is reporting that Sam and Lindsay are once again off. According to Perez, after Sam dined with Nicole Richie on Monday she sent a text to Lindsay saying that it was over and to not contact her (Sam) again.  This comes after another huge argument they had when Sam was invited to Nicole's party at the Chateu Marmont and Lindsay was not. Perez speculates that this off won't last very long. However, over at Linday's Twitter Lindsay tweets "Why do people cheat? when love is always standing right in front of their face(s)?? Sr?" After haveing twitpic'd this. At first I thought it was another thing outing Justin Timberlake, but then the Sr hit me. Does it stand for seriously as i previously thought or Samantha Ronson? I did spy that infamous hat, and she's obviously upset if you follow the tweets.

Today (Wednesday)- Piers Morgan Goes Commercial- The recent perfume ad from Burger King (weird, huh?) features a very little dressed Piers Morgan, judge on both "America's Got Talent" and "Britain's Got Talent" and winner of the first "Celebrity Apprentice" against Trace Adkins (I wanted Trace over Piers personally). For me its kinda creepy and gross, but for an older man, he doesn't look half bad (photoshop or natural? Watch this clip and tell me, i think most likely natural...but i didn't look to hard. kinda skeeved me out) i'll admit. What would be worse than Piers though, is a scantily clad Simon Cowell. When asked if Simon would join him in the ad campaign Piers stated that it would be more likely for Cowell to fly to the moon in a wheelbarrow but he'd see Simon at the Royal Ascot races and would ask him.

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