Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miley ready to go young?

Sorry for being behind again! I apologize. I woke up late today otherwise I would have been on track. Three up on Friday. One two two-fers on friday.

Tuesday's topic- early in the afternoon on Tuesday US Weekly in conjunction with Yahoo OMG (linked via title) reported that Miley and bf Justin Gaston, age 20, have split. Some say that Nick Jonas is the cause of the split, that Miley broke up with Justin for Nick but this is in fact false. Miley and Nick are working on some sort of musical project together (her Twitter tells us this) and Justin was jealous of that, may have been a part of it, but not THE reason. Another reason was that Miley has been traveling alot, without the company of Justin. also had some extra information.

Today (Wednesday's) Topic- Miss California recrowned.  Early today in this Access Hollywood article it is announced that Miss California Carrie Preejan has been dethroned. Instead of being dethroned from the title because of the racy photos, Trump let her keep her crown last month BUT with the promise she would step up her Miss California duties and appearances which she has not so Trump gave the right to decide to the Miss California head person. The new crown bearer is Miss Malibu.

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