Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Attacked or is it a call for attention?

Argh. I am so sorry to be behind again. This time its due to puppy planning. Surprised my father with an English Shepherd puppy for father's day and we've now just been getting the stuff he'll need since the pup is coming home on Saturday.

Friday's Topic- Late Sunday night Perez twittered that he was attacked in Toronto after the MuchMusic Awards. His tweets say that it was Will.I.Am who attacked him, but a later released statement on his own website (title linked- not safe for work and has crude language) after Will.I.Am released a statement here on DipDive (couldn't find that exact link so it links to YouTube) says that it was not Will.I.Am but Will.I.Am's manager Polo (?) who hit Perez. There is a definite cut near Perez's eye, but in the video his eye is not that black. After Perez posted his statement, Will.I.Am posted another response, only about a minute long reinforcing the fact that he did not him. Ryan Seacrest tried to get in on the buzz tweeting both to call him but nothing new has been updated. Whose story are you believing more? Do you think Seacrest should get involved?

Monday's Topic- Jon and Kate divorce. Last night on the special one hour episode of
"Jon and Kate Plus Eight" on TLC, the last 15 minutes of the show were dedicated to a "special announcement" and explanation of all the latest gossip. Basically what it comes down to is they are having trouble and that they are just thinking whats best for the kids. However, neither seems very sad about the whole thing which is what makes the announcement sad. The next episode is all behind the scenes stuff with ahold on the other requested episodes of the 40 episode season while TLC figures out how to fix it. Does this surprise you? How do you feel about this announcement and the show in the first place?

Tuesday's Topic- Joe Jonas still hurting. At the Jonas Brothers concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma Monday Night, Joe made a change in 'his' song "Much Better". While the original lyrics read "i'm done with superstars", Monday night concertgoers were treated to "i'm done with country stars" taking a dig at ex Taylor Swift, months after she bested him when they immediately broke up. She has since dropped all talk of dating Joe and Joe is NOW just getting back at her. Little late bud, even brother Nick seems to agree with that. Around the 10-12 second mark Nick (who had stood up to do get a clap going by the piano) sit/falls back down with quite a look of shock and surprise on his face. What do you think Nick was thinking? And do you think Joe is being lame and a coward? Is it too late to get even?

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