Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Execs of the Academy 'In Memoriam' Defend Themselves

According to the US Weekly article (title linked) the reason Farrah Fawcett was omitted is because she was more know for her TV roles. When protestors ask about the inclusion of MJ in the memoriam, they say because of "This Is It", a movie he was in after he was deceased. They said that so many screen writers and other outlets of the media died that they couldn't include them all. I disagree with who they did and didnt include. I only know of Farrah Fawcett because of Charlie's Angels-a movie. That is where she became widly known so its my view that she should have been honored at the Oscars and not the Emmy's where supposedly she is. I think MJ should be honored at the Emmy's also because music videos are more prominently seen on TV and not for ONE movie he was in about his life AFTER he died.

In other death news, also according to US Weekly, 80s star Corey Haim died this morning around 4am. Haim was only 38 years old. He died as of a suspected over dose of prescription drugs, but nothing has been confirmed.

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