Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiger Loses Endorsement

Hey all. Sorry for being slow on the postings lately. I am giving up coffee for this upcoming spring break and thus had no energy Saturday (first day of no coffee) to write a post. Feelign better today I give you the Sat+Mon topics.

Sat: According to US Magazine (title-linked), a spokeswoman said that they no longer saw a reason to keep Tiger in their marketing efforts and have ended the partnership to the Associated Press. Despite letting go of Tiger, the sub-unit of PepsiCo will indeed continue to do business with Tiger's charity however. Tiger has recently lost 2 other sponsers as well, Gillette and Accenture. But he doesn't have a reason to weep, yet. He still has contracts with AT&T, Tag Heuer (watch company), and Nike.

Mon: Should 'Rules of Engagement' take a more prime spot? The hit show debuted mid-season on CBS in 2007, and has had consistent ratings since then despite random schedule changes. 'Rules' is about 2 couples and their bachelor friend and their lives, somewhat similar to 'How I Met Your Mother' but the 2 couples are married. Stars include the actor who voices Kronk, David Spade, the mother on Grounded For Life amongst others.

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