Monday, March 8, 2010

Lohan Overcritical?

Oh my goodness. So far behind! Sorry for that guys. Because of this you will get a post (eventually keep your eyes peeled) for Thurs, Sat and Mon and today

Thurs: Okay, so title linked is a story found on Yahoo OMG linked with Reuters that Lindsay Lohan is sueing E*Trade for their hit superbowl ad that features a baby calling another baby (named Lindsay) a milkaholic. Lindsay says the ad violates her terms and rights of privacy and is suing for $100mil in total. Watch the ad below to see if Lindsay is just being a drama queen. E*Trade maintains that the 'milkalholic' character was named after a member of their financing team.

Lindsay is a popular name however, ranking 380th in 2008 according to U.S. Social Security Administrations. However that is down from the 241th it ranked in 2004 when Lindsay Lohan's "Mean Girls" came out.

Saturday: Taylor Swift may have found love in Glee Star Corey Monteith according to the National Enquirer. However, country starlet won't be telling mom Andrea anytime soon. According to the article, its so that mama doesn't scare Monteith who plays Finn on the hit Fox show off. Apparently Swift has told friends she sees real romantic possibilities with him and the public has seen him on her arm at a pre-Grammy party and out and a popular LA deli.

Monday: Who knew that funny woman Ellen could be so picky? According to the Enquirer, Ellen was unhappy how the AI close-ups with the AI lighting made her look much older and really pronounced her crow's feet. So what did Ellen do? Order lights and people from her show on Ellen to fix it. AI producers think she looks fine, but the Okayed the move to make Ellen happy.

Today: It seems that Emma Watson can't completely quit acting. According to, Emma Watson is acting in Brown University's rendition of "Three Sisters". Emma is acting along with 13 other actors. Emma is attending Brown Univeristy in her time off of the Harry Potter movies. The ivy league school is located in Rhode Island and the show is free March 11th-15th. Go check it out!

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