Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Jesse James Real?

So, this week I am spending most of the days starting tonight at my bfs so I can try to blogs when i get a chance, but a vlog will be late and no up for awhile and a massive compilation. I will do two stories today for this reason.

First, after browsing Perez Hilton's blog, I came across a post talking about how Sandra Bullock pulled out of her Oscar winning movie The Blind Side in the UK. The suspected reason? THe news of hubby Jesse James' affair while she was away filming. Representives say that she pulled out for "unseen circumstances" and nothing more. Its seeming to me that Perez got the dish from InTouch Weekly, and their exclusive interview with the mistress, a tattoo model. The model claims to have sent a friend request to Jesse's bike shop to try and get a modeling gig there while Jesse was in Atlanta while Sandra was filming. The model says she was suprised to find that it was Jesse who responded to her. And she claims, it was never about a carreer from the start and that Jesse made it seem like he and Sandra had split. You can read the full article here.

Second, many of you know or have seen Todd Bridges on TruTVs Smoking Gun or from back in his heyday on Diff'rent Strokes. But what many of you didn't know, according to Perez, is that Bridges was a drug dealer. Bridges isnt proud of his past but chooses to tell all in his book.

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