Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga Bares It All-Almost

I first stumbled upon this video on Perez Hilton's blog (just search Lady Gaga or Beyonce-it should come up) but I decided to check US Weekly for some news and it came up with this article (title linked). As one may be aware, there have been numerous rumours that Lady Gaga could be a hermaphrodite. Well, with her new 9-minute music vid (kinda reminiscent of the 80s with Michael Jackson's Thriller or I'm Bad vids), those rumours are easily quashed. In the beginning of the vid, Gaga is walked in by two older gruff guards, thrown into a cell and stripped. She proceeds to throw herself up on to the bars clad in pasties and sheer tights while the guards comment that she doesn't have male parts. The image is blurred out of her genitals for younger audiences however.
What do you think?
Gaga Vid: 
MJ Thriller: 
MJ I'm Bad:

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