Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mississippi School Cancels Prom Because One Teen Has a Girlfriend

I read about this story on Perez Hilton's gossip blog (title linked) and was deeply saddened by how far in the past some towns are. According to reports, the school district in Itawamba county has closed down a local high school in Fulton's prom. Back in Febuary the school sent out criteria for attending the dance, one of which included that all persons MUST bring a date of the opposite gender. However, HS senior Constance McMillan didn't agree with this policy as she and her girlfriend both attend the HS and wanted to attend the prom. Somehow the American Civil Liberities Union of Mississippi heard about this school policy and demanded that the guidelines were to be changed. Instead of complying, the school board decided to be cruel and cancelled the prom for everyone. The legal director for the ACLU states that doesn't take away that fact that they have an obligation to be fair to all their students, and this is unfair to Constance as all she is doing is trying to assert her rights. 

An update posted a few hours later on Perez's blog (you can read it here) says that Constance returned to school for the first time since the ban on the prom. As expected, she got backlash from her peers who wanted to have a prom experience. However, Constance with support in comforting words from her father is holding her ground. 

Check this article out for more updates, such as that the ACLU is now requestiing the school to reinstate prom with the fair guidelines and allow Constance to wear a tux and escort her girlfriend.

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