Thursday, February 25, 2010

Public Speaking is Tough for Actresses?

Yesterday, I wrote about Dakota Fanning and mentioned her friend and costar Kristin Stewart. The only fair thing to do is to write about Miss Stewart for today.

In an article by OK Magazine, it claims that Kristin is getting better at public speaking. It mentions that while on-air in live performances Kristin consistently scratches her head, plays with her hair, hunches over or (and sometimes simultaneously) rocks back and forth; all strong signals she is really nervous. You would think being the star of Twilight movies and being in the limelight constantly would have changed that, but if you think about it it may have made it worse. However, OK says that her BAFTA speech was better than her MTV speech where she dropped her award. The online article also shows videos of Kristin's guest spots on talk shows and the two award speeches.

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