Saturday, February 6, 2010

3 for 1-"Lost" Questions; NASCAR Roll-Over and Carrie Underwood+Queen Latifah on 'Pants on the Ground'

Hey all. I've decided to do a special 3 for 1 post today because I did not do a real celeb posting on friday. I may mention TV show "Lost" first in the heading but the title is linked to the NASCAR Roll-over so I'm starting there.

After viewing the YouTube clip, Jill George, driver of the 48 car, hits the apron on the turn of the fourth corner in today's NASCAR race and then flips over his car. He walks away fine.

Second up, the "Lost" questions. I personally never watched the show, but my parents did pretty religiously and I know some of my friends are quite obsessed. So when I came across this article, I couldn't help reading and reporting. This article tries to either answer or explain questions the actors have, such as whats with the numbers or what is the smoke monster. This is because the show is entering its final season, so fans (and the actors) are hoping to find out whats going on.

Last but not least, since the Superbowl is tomorrow (Sunday) this week has been a lot of conferences. On Thursday on one of the pre-game conferences (I believe CBS or some channel), Carrie Underwood who is to sing the National Anthem and Queen Latifah, who is to sing America the Beautiful, were asked a few questions. One TV reporter asks Carrie about "American Idol" audtionee Larry Platt's 'Pants on the Ground'.

Watch what she very classily says and Queen Latifah's response.

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