Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rats and Lohans

Hey all. Sorry for not posting yesterday or sunday, so you guys get a double post today. In Australia and London a TV broadcaster is getting fined for "animal cruelty". Here's what happened according to a news article from Reuters (title linked). Italian Chef Gina D'Acampo killed and then cooked a rat on the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity....Get Me Out of Here!". The rat was stabbed with a knife before being cooked. According to reports, the rat took 1 minute to die which caused 'unnecessary pain and suffering' to the rat. Now, to us here in the US who are used to food challenges, or have worked in labs that have animal specimens this doesn't seem such a big deal. Seems almost ludacris in fact, but what we don't realize is that in the UK and Austrailia ALL animals are protected by 'Cruelty to Animals Act'. The broadcaster had been given permission to use and kill the rat, but he didn't realize that the rat  taking a minute to die after being stabbed was against the law. He was fined around 2.6k plus an additional cost of 2.1k for legal stuff.

So, as tweeted by TMZ and as seen on the second to latest episode of "What the Buck" on YouTube Lindsay Lohan is asking "Clean House" star Nisse Nash to help her organize her home. Viewers of The Insider got a sneak peek into Lindsay's LA apartment and the sheer amount of stuff she has.  One of the questions posed is is Lindsay a hoarder? The answer is no according to Nisse's expert friends. ANd anyone who has seen the TV show "Hoarders" would also be able to tell the difference (myself included). Lindsay has a sheer amount of stuff, sure. But its very very organized-most hoarders don't even have that abilitly. Here's another peek.

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