Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Teen Mom" Reunion

Here I am sitting on my bed at 10:35PM at night watching the reunion show. It is hosted by none other than Dr. Drew, most known for "Celebrity Rehab" and now "Sex Addict".

So far Maci has been spoken with. She and Ryan are split and Ryan was just as much a douche bag as he was during both shows that he was on.

Amber and Gary were on and they only use condoms during sex (not a smart idea) and she thinks she's pregnant again and Gary is already being an ass about it.

They just finished talking to Tyler and Catelynn who are still engaged, but not planning to marry until much later after college and such. Brandon and Teresa sent a letter and pictures to Dr.Drew/MTV with an update of Carly and her first Christmas and OH MY GOSH Carly looks so much like Catelynn, and is so cute.  Now they are talking to April (Catelynn's mom). April is starting to opening up and being accepting of their decision, and even Butch is being flexible about it.

Now they are talking to Farrah. No mention of the incident with the mother, but she is seeming to have grown up some. Realizing her mistakes. Her voice is still as annoying as hell though. She is spending more time with Farrah. She wants a partner, but doesn't think there is anyone for her.

Now they are asking each other questions of each other. Some basic questions nothing to elaborate.

Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday for "Teen Mom: Unseen Moments" also airing on MTV at 10.

Join me in a Skype chat: peispennythoughts during it!

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