Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two deaths and a close call

To start off, what did you guys think of the unseen moments special? Some of that was really sweet! Are you guys excited to watch the premiere of the new season of "16 and pregnant" which happens TUESDAY!! If so, come join me on Skype at peispennythoughts to watch and discuss during commercials!

OK, so I didn't do any item yesterday (Wednesday 2/10/10) because my college got closed during my first class and since the roads weren't awful yet, I went over to my boyfriends. But because I shorted you lovely people, I'm doing two topics (one for today, one for yesterday) and a BONUS story!!!

I guess I'll start with the earliest item. This is title-linked. On Tuesday  night, Captain Phil Harris of the wildly popular Discovery Channel reality show "Deadliest Catch" passed away. MSN reports that the Captain was 53. According to family, Harris suffered a "massive stroke" on January 29th while the fishing boat was harbored in the bay. He was then sent to Anchorage for immediate surgery. The worst part about this death is that in the past few weeks, Harris seemed to be turning around. On a posting made last Saturday night, he was said to be talking to friends and family and making the most progress thus far. And then, on Feb 3, his sons wrote that their dad was making tremendous progress, squeezing their hands and such but that they were being cautious. Apparently, not that much later, the captain passed.

To continue with the sadness and mourning I bring you the news of the death of British "rebel" designer Alexander McQueen. This news is brought to you by Yahoo in conjuntion with AFP. McQueen was found dead at his London home according to the article. This death appears to have been a suicide. McQueen was 40 and found hanging. Scotland Yard is not treating this case as suspicious. If one wanted to check out his designs at his website, they are greeted by a message of grief and concern for the family's privacy. The designer was a four time winner of a prestigous fashion award, was partner with Gucci on one line and widely praised by other designers. Even when they didn't know it. Or so they say. One of the few reasons most people in America know McQueen is from Project Runway Season 5 when designer Kenley designed a feather dress very very similar to McQueen's feather wedding dress that was seen in his Spring 2008 show. This comes 3 years after McQueens close friend and fashion icon Isabella Blow comitted sucide and just a short week following the death of his mother.

Following up on the sad, but not quite so depressing is news of Alec Baldwin. Little brother Stephen appeared on Season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice, but Alec is by far the most successful of the two acting brothers. Alec is the star of hit tv show "30 Rock" as an egotistical executive of a TV show and the star of the new movie "It's Complicated". Alec was rushed to a hospital after police got a call from daugher Ireland saying she was worried about his health and safety according to Yahoo in conjuntion with Reuters. The celeb was taken by paramedics to a hospital near to his Manhatten home early Thursday where he was released a short hour later. Alec has been in the news before, but that was to apologize about a drunken call he'd made to daugher Ireland where he called her some nasty things and that had been sent to broadcasting. He and ex-wife have been in a custody battle for Ireland. This was just a misunderstanding and the star was allowed to leave shortly after being taken to the hospital and go to work. Alec is set to co-host the 82nd Academy Awards alongside Steve Martin.

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