Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Teen Mom" Incident Report!

I plan on dpoing updates regarding the "Teen Mom" Incident and so as I was searching I come upon a blog which references "Radar" and so I go there since I had never heard of them and lo-and behold I find a link to the incident report! Now you can look at it too! Just click the title.

A good point to mention now is that I was reading the comments on Radar and someone made a good and rather valid point. That point was that Amber hit and choked Gary on the show "Teen Mom" while Leah was mere feet away. Amber has not been given a bad rap or really been discussed. Why do you think this? Is it because Gary is her ex/fiance and not her mother, is it beacuse she was defending her very ill dad, is it because she apologized on the reunion show and feels remorse? What do you think?

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