Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taylor Swift's Label Prez Defends Her Grammy Performance

Today I got a Tweet from TMZ about Taylor Swift. I did not watch the Grammy's, but have heard the hype and bashing of country starlet Taylor Swift's performance. It provided a link their source, which I have title linked. They linked to TV Guide.

The story is that Taylor's record label president is defending her performance. He claims that the off-pitch (evidence below-courtesy of YouTube) performance was due to technical error of equipment, not skill area of the artist. He states that Taylor is the voice of the generation is a very talented artist. TV guide takes this information from The Associate Press which they provide a link for you. I on the other hand think that she is not a physical voice, but a lyrical voice of the generation. Some of her songs actually have decent messages IMO such as  "Fifteen". I have been there, and almost done that. My boyfriend at the time told me he loved me and I believed him, but he left me soon after going to college-he did change his mind. From what his little sister tells me he is engaged (to girlfriend #2-i was first) now.

This is the Grammy Performance. As you can hear (if you can bear it) once Stevie Nicks comes out onto stage, Taylor becomes wildy off-key in their duet.

I could not find any information or a response to the media on Taylor Swift's website or her YouTube channel.

Taylor appeared on the Ellen Show via video camera to record her Grammy experience, but there was no mention or talk about her performance.

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