Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Teen Mom" Mother Arrested Recently

Sunday mid-afternoon my roommate came back to our apartment on campus. We started chit-chatting and somehow the subject got onto MTV's hit show "Teen Mom" (don't miss the reunion show tonight 2/2/2010 on MTV at 10PM Eastern Time); a follow up of the girls from their "16 and Pregnant" series which has a new season debuting soon (as in Febuary 16th at 10PM ET). H told me that she was excited for the reunion show and that she had read on TMZ that the mother of Farrah Abraham had been arrested for domestic violence. According to that story, on Jan 20th Deborah Danielson was charged in court in Iowa, a week after attacking Farrah. She is due back later for another hearing.

The attack happend in Council Bluffs, and Farrah told police that Deborah had choked and hit her on Saturday. According to TMZ, police arrested Deborah after observing cuts on the right side of Farrah's mouth, seemingly to support Farrah's story. There are some minor updates to their story here on the TMZ website.

Another mostly respectably media outlet has also reported on the incident with some more detail. The NY Daily News leads us to the original article found in Council Bluff's paper, the Daily Nonpareil. According to the Daily, the alercation was caused by Deborah throwing a shirt at Farrah and it landing near Sofia causing Farrah to freak out. Thats when Deborah got physical. You can read the full article here at the Daily News, which even tells of the MTV camera's catching a smack to the mouth in a car argument..hmmm.

I took the liberty to go directly to the source, a Council Bluffs, Iowa paper, the Nonpareil, which first reported the incident. The Nonpareil says that Deborah threw the shirt at Farrah which landed on or near the baby while the two were arguing about childcare issues. When the shirt was thrown and when it landed it caused the baby to cry (I don't blame the baby) and Farrah was arguing with her mother about that incident. According to Farrah it as this point in time when Deborah grabbed her by the throat. Farrah pushed/slapped her mother's hand away which is when, alleges Farrah, that Deborah smacked her in the right side of the face. The full report can be found here at the Nonpareil website.

I was lucky enough to come across an update while looking for the original article. This update gives us fans of the show (or nosy bloggers..which reminds me I should check Perez) more information regarding what was in occurance when police officers arrived. According to records the paper was able to obtain, Deborah was wielding two knives and refused to put them down until the officer took out his gun. The story can be found here on the site. As expected, because of domestic charges, Deborah is on a noncontact policy. During the incident both women were calling the other a liar-to be expected.

Miracuously, it doesn't appear the Perez has heard of the charges, or if he has he's chosen to keep silent for once, close to home perhaps?

Of course what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't go straight to the main source? MTV itself to see if I can dig up any juice or anything. If I can't find anything, maybe you can? Just click on blog title! -ETA: After a few minutes of searching I could not find any information, can/did you?-

So, what do you think about this incident? Was/Is it justified? Too overdone? Is it even real? Leave a comment with your opinion!


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