Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Family Guy" Actress Takes Down Palin!

Well I have not been able to watch the recent episode of "Family Guy", I have heard that former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol were not pleased with the how people with Down Syndrome were portrayed. They took the media to public speak out and calling creater Seth MacFarlan cruel and heartless. Its a good thing she hasn't seen "Robot Chicken" then. Little did she know that the actress who voice the characer of 'Ellen' who had Down Syndrome actually had down syndrome herself. She writes in an email message that essentially Palin needs to have sense of humor, and that she can't shelter son Trig who also has Down Syndrome. You can take a look at her response at Perez Hilton's gossip blog which is title-linked.

For today's (Sat 2/21) topic I am writing about how Kardashian Baby-Daddy Scott Disick claims that all he hears is anger in the Kardashian household.  On a Thursday radio call with Ryan Seacrest, Disick retaliated a recent tabloid story. He refuted the cover story which was that he and Kourtney and her family and him have a fiery relationship. He says that its simply that their mother, Kris Jenner just despises him. Whenever he hears Kris' voice, all he hears is anger. He claims that he thinks Kourtney and himself still love each other a little bit, enough so that they will get back together again. He says they are already getting along better right now. He says the tension is because Kris just prefers athletes more because she thinks they make better people. He also claims to love the baby son he has with Kourteny, Mason. The entire story can be read here at Yahoo OMG in conjunction with US Magazine.

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