Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the Gossip Spirit

Since tonight is the premiere of MTV's second season of "16 and Pregnant" [ join me on Skype at peispennythoughts tonight at 10pM/9PMC to chat about what we see] I've decided to do a very gossip-y random post about the the "8 Types of People that Belong on Twitter" which was an article tweeted by none other than Mr. Perez Hilton of PerezHilton.com. Also, since I didn't do an article yesterday, I shall do a second one today. I didn't do one yesterday because it was a national holiday here in America (President's Day) and so I had no school and therefore was at my boyfriends. I'm not sure on my second articles topic just yet. So I will get started with the type of twitterers.

This list is composed by Inc.com (title linked) and tweeted by Perez Hilton:
  • Type number one is that of "The Personality". According to Inc.com these are people like celebs (they reference Perez and Oprah amongst a few others) as well as the big shots of big name brands (they suggest the CEO of Zappos.com). These are people who have distinctive "voice" and they're tweets are always meaningful in some way or another.
  • Type number two is that of "The Guide". These are people whose specific role is to search out other tweets in the purpose of finding answers to certain questions. They reference a Blackberry-related company that troubleshoots blackberrys.
  • Type number three is "The Brand Watch-Dog". These are people who work for a specific company and then are on the look-out for questions about their company or a product the company provides. Once one of these wondering tweets are spotted by the watch-dog, he or she responds personally to each tweet.
  • Type number four is very similar to that of the watch-dog but is in fact quite different. This is "The Customer Support Rep". These are people who are answering questions in other sites, and use Twitter as a another way of reaching the customer. Often thes people are just regular people who have resolved issues on their own.
  • Type number five is that of "The Publisher". These are people who use Twitter to give the public an idea of their company or news stories. Often new stories are published first on Twitter before hitting major magazines, newspapers and other media.
  • Type number six is that of "The Promotion Channel". As the name clearly indicates, these are Twittereers who use their Twitter for promoting items and such. But besides from the commerece (Amazon is the chosen subject) spammers can run promotion channels too so be careful.
  • Type number seven is that of "The Conversationalist". This person is someone who responds personally to direct Tweets, or Tweets in general. They build loyalty and friendship with their followers and are an active member of the Twitter community.
  • And last but not least is that of type nu,ber eight; that of "The Curious". I actually happen to fall under this category. We are people who don't post often but are members in order to spot out new information about brands, or celebs or news.
Topic number two is.....that of the recent engagement of two fairly known celebs. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have gotten engaged according to this article in US Weekly. Monday night Madden Tweeted about the engagement. I browsed but could not find the specific Tweet. On "The Late Show with David Letterman" set to air Friday, Richie confirms the engagement. Letterman asks if they are married to which she replies 'no', so he asks if they are engaged to which she replies 'recently actually' according to the magazine. Richie's father is the infamous Lionel Richie and Madden is from a rock band that was a hit when I was back in high school- Good Charlotte. Ritchie and Madden have two kids together, Harlow (2 years) and Sparrow aka Row (5 months) together. However, when Ritchie appeared on Regis and Kelly she was not wearing a ring and did not talk about the engagement but she has been seen with a large stone.

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