Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dakota Turns 16 and Acts Grown Up

So, what did you guys think about Nikkole? She was very soft spoken and seemed very sad and immature and weak, like a door-mat for a good portion but I'm glad she finally grew a backbone. And I'm also glad to see her taking responsibility with son Lyle. Your guys' opinions?

So, according to Twinkle [title linked], a branch of Star Magazine, Dakota Fanning turns 16 soon and she had an early birthday celebration with little sister Elle along with 40 other party-goers. She had a three layer cake that included chocolate mousse and dinner was held at the Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. She told paps on her way out that she is not desperate to get her license unlike most 16 year-olds becasue she never got and doesn't even have her permit. Dakota is the relatively new star of "Twilight: New Moon" where she plays evil vampire Jane and the most recent is project is drug abusing, lesbian Cherie Currie in "The Runaways" where she has a kissing scene with Kristen Stewart (also of Twilight fame, she plays Bella) who is portraying Joan Jett. Read the article on taking a grown-up role here in this Star article.

Also, another interesting note is the fact that Kim Kardashian of the infamous Kardashian sisters from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" asks Dr.Oz about the reasoning behind why father Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson's attorney, died. She asks him questions about esopheagilical cancer on a special edition episode of Dr.Oz's show "Ask Dr.Oz." Read the blurb here.

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