Friday, February 12, 2010

Ellen Judged by AI Alumni and Home Makeover's 100th House

Currently I am watching " Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on CMT"  and its there 100th episode. They are helping a family of nine, soon to be 10 people but I just feel so sorry for the 13 year old nice of the mom. First she's in the truck with her dad when he crashes and dies. Then no longer than a year later her mom's ex-boyfriend shoots her mother and her mother's new boyfriend while she's asleep on the floor next to her moms bed. She now speaks with her aunt who took her and her 3 siblings in (while having 4 of her own) about and against domestic violence. You can too.

A few days ago comedy star/tv talkshow Ellen Degeneres joined the American Idol ranks as a judge. Ellen takes the place of Paula. US Magazine asks American Idol alumni what they think of her tactic. She gets nothing but rave reviews, as is to be expected. The article is linked in the title.

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