Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jon and Kate Back(With Eight?)

Now before we get to the reason you're here, lets get to the real truthfeul reason. To breifly dicuss the first pregnant teen, now mother, of MTV's "16 and Pregnant". The second season kicked off last night at 10PM/9C on MTV with the story of Jenelle, a 16 year old from North Carolina. She seemed okay at first, seemed to be smart but hey, I should have seen the signs. Her boyfriend is an alcoholic, was once a model but is now flat broke and lives 4 hours away. You can watch the latest episode here plus bonus material. seems to be sooo sloow and lacking today. Ah, something from the New York Post. Title-linked, of course. Accoriding to the Post, Jon Goesselin has settled a lawsuit with TV Channel TLC (Tender Loving Care) which then leaves the air clear for a [triumphant?] return to cable TV. Both RadarOnline and TLC confirm to the Post that the Gosselins have and have had a contract with the station. It appears that Kate and Jon are working things out so that "Kate Plus 8" can go on as planned.

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