Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Side You Don't Know

Since tonight marks the episode of "Teen Mom: Unseen Moments" I decided to do a little research on hot media item Debra Danielson and Farrah Abraham. Not about the case mind you, thats not due for an update til the end of the month, but on them as people and I see conflicting ideas. I came across a blog where in Feb of '09 Farrah and her mom helped out homeless pregnant women by holding a baby shower. Farrah was due two weeks after the event. MTV cameras were indeed there according to the blog, and the show hadn't yet been named. The blog of Lydia House (the orginization) is linked by the title.

Mother works two jobs at the same company. This is shown by Linkd and her resume. Thats how come they've got a nice house. She's been working both deparments the same amount of time.

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