Thursday, February 4, 2010

More "Teen Mom" Gossip

As I was looking for some more information I came upon an article in a Nebraska paper. This article also talks about the officer coming across Deborah with knives. He steadily walked closer, it appears, as he asked her to drop the knives. She refused until he was within 3 feet of an investigative reporter states with his service weapon pulled out.

On the Farrah episode of "16 and Pregnant", at mark 35:54 Deborah says that Farrah is "out of control". Seems to me that its mama whose out of control, keep watching to see what I mean (it happens at the 36:22 mark)! On this reunion show, hosted by Dr. Drew, he asks Deborah about the smack. You won't believe her answer (its at the 05:36 mark)! "I don't even know that I hit her..." to which Farrah starts laughing.
You don't know huh? Well..check out that glance to see where Farrah was! Its on MTV b*tch. Gives you some more respect for Farrah doesn't it? She's stilly annoying, but she's not mean.

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