Friday, February 5, 2010

Not a Celeb News-But Interesting About Adoptin+Celebs

Hey all. Since I am doing a constant "segment" about the MTV shows "16 and pregnant" and "Teen Mom" [check back later for links to the shows web pages] I decided to take advantage of the resource SeededBuzz gives me (currently in beta stage). I went to the broad category of "Entertainment" where I narrowed down to "Celebrity". One of the first 'seeds' as they call it was about how DMC (Daryll McDaniels) of rap group Run DMC was adopted. He did not realize he was adopted until he was 35 years old and has now made a great bond and relationship with the adoption community. Author Kim King of the post in the blog "Grown in my Heart"; linked by the title, talks a little about her experience being in Run DMC's music video that talks about adoption and the message behind the song. Ms. King has adopted a daughter as well as been adopted herself. Its a very inspirtational story. You should check it out!

This is realated to the shows, in my opinon, because Tyler and Catelynn decided to adopt out as well, and thus are part of teh adoption community. I feel that pregnant teens should read up on adoption and see what a great experience it can be, and the relationship formed between all parents and the kids.

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